Mole Vole

Posted on Facebook by Jeff Shaumeyer:


Jeff writes:

Here’s an interior shot at Bowen’s Farm Supply. I took it mostly because I was moved by the poetry of the phrase “Mole Vole Rodent Control”.

The sort of expression that Zippy the Pinhead is inclined to treat as a mantra, repeating it over and over to savor it.

Background on the place: Bowen’s Farm Supply, 2550 Riva Rd., Annapolis MD; website here.

And the creatures: voles are indeed rodents (and garden pests), but moles are not (though they are lawn and garden pests).

As for the phrase, it’s in rhyming tetrameter, in what I judge to be trochaic meter with the first two feet short and a reversed final foot (final-foot reversals are not uncommon): S  S  SW  WS. Very satisfying.

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