Two Bizarros

… from yesterday:


and today:


(If you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoons — Dan Piraro says there are 3 in #1 and 5 in #2 — see this Page.)

Both bring up topics I’ve posted about on this blog: Ahab and the whale (the Fensters’ characters) in #1, the formula is … the wine talking (used to confess something you might not have said if you hadn’t drunk some wine) in #2.

Ahab-and-the-whale was the subject of a January 12th posting in which I noted that it’s a cartoon meme, especially popular in the New Yorker; I provided 11 examples from the magazine. Now here it is in Bizarro.

Talking wine — wine that is literally talking — appeared in a New Yorker cartoon I posted about on 6/6/15. The cartoon in #2 goes at the formula in a different way: the speaker starts to use it to disavow responsibility for a confession he’s about to make, but then realizes that it can’t literally be the wine talking and must in fact be him talking, so he abandons the attempt at confession. His literalism drove him to do it.


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