On John Kron’s Facebook page:


A little exercise in Yinglish.

The verbs in panels 2-4 — kvetch ‘complain’, schvitz ‘sweat’, plotz ‘collapse (or be beside oneself with frustration, annoyance, or other strong emotion)’ — are all from Yiddish, taken into informal English. NOAD2 treats them all as North American and dates them to the 1960s; I’m not sure whether either of these judgments is accurate. But note that Kron is Australian; he’s been a cartoonist for the Australian Jewish News since 1993.

From his Cartoon Kronicles webpage:

I’ve been drawing cartoons for Jewish newspapers all around the world.

Now I get to put them on my very own website, The Cartoon Kronicles.

My cartoons are about everything Jewish – religion, politics, identity, arts, popular culture, sport, science, sex, food…I mean, everything.

And I like to comment, shed light, satirize and make fun of everyone and every opinion.

(Meanwhile, he reproduces many of these on his Facebook page.)

Two more, the second with a holey / holy pun:



Not our first brush with Jewish cartooning on this blog. See my 7/25/15 posting on Ken Krimstein, the creator of Kvetch As Kvetch Can: Jewish Cartoons.

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