Head scratcher

(No sexually problematic content, but not much language either.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad, this time for Diesel underwear. With a caption added by me:

Tony came to in an empty featureless
Cell, all in grey, with no door he could find,
Wearing only his new Diesel “Under Denim” Trunk in
Dusty Blue, with its hot contour pouch to show off
His stuff – Where was he? How did he get here?
What would happen to him? And what was in that
Drink that Hunky Dude bought for him?

The ad copy, plus some information from Diesel about the underwear:

[DJ copy:] This brand needs [no] introduction, we welcome Diesel Underwear Collections to our lineup of styles. Featuring cutting-edge designs, bold waistbands and iconic styling – your underwear drawer will crave this addition. [Whose underwear drawer has cravings?]

[Diesel copy:] The “Under Denim” trunk [in Dusty Blue] from Diesel’s new Under Denim collection which reflects the rich heritage of the mainline denim jeans range. [Diesel also makes and sells jeans.]

With contour pouch. It also comes in Indigo and Navy.

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