The superb object of his attention

(Hunky guy in underwear, somewhat suggestive caption, nothing to frighten the horses. But in case this isn’t what you want to see …)

The Daily Jocks ad from the 14th, with a caption added by me:

By himself in the
Darkened rainbow
Sex room,
Cromo reflected on the
Secret of his
Crotch, found it was a
Flash piece of
Top-notch meat.

The caption reflects the ad copy from DJ:

PUMP! has propelled itself into the top-draw of men around the world due to their use of bright colours, mesh fabrics, sporty appeal and attention-seeking imagery. With Pump’s athletic designs, hit up the town in style with a flash piece of underwear from a top-notch brand.

DJ is from Australia, PUMP! is from Montrẻal. The slang adjective flash, from NOAD2:

informal, chiefly Brit. 1.  (of a thing) ostentatiously expensive, elaborate, or up to date: a flash new car; (of a person) superficially attractive because stylish and full of brash charm: he was carrying this money around and trying to be flash. 2 archaic of or relating to thieves, prostitutes, [homosexuals] or the underworld, especially their language.

Cromo’s crotch is apparently ostentatious, stylish, attractive, and queer, all at once.

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