Holiday greetings

As Hanukkah approaches (just a few hours away from the beginning), the inevitable internet portmanteau has turned up in my mailbox:

(From, as you can see,, brought to me on Facebook by Betsy Herrington.)

Yes, yes, it should be either Hanukkat or Chanukat; spelling on the internet is notoriously wobbly (though maybe you could try to blame it on the cat; cats are truly poor spellers).

I hope someone is trying to trace the Facebook cat meme, which seems to have burst onto the scene not long after FB escaped from being primarily a college medium. Now we get things like this Facebook posting by Grant Barrett earlier today (gently mocking the internet copyright meme currently making the rounds):

Our kitty, Whopper. Posting this cat photo authorizes me to use the Internet for another year.

(I’m sparing you Whopper’s photo. I’m trying to adhere to a rule of no more than one funny cat picture per posting.)

I note that my grand-daughter thinks that Facebook is in fact for funny cat pictures. Kids these days.

[Oh yes, Grant Barrett. In case you haven’t been following these things:

Grant Barrett (born 1970) is an American lexicographer, specializing in slang, jargon and new usage. He is also co-host and co-producer of the nationwide public radio show A Way With Words, and editor of the Official Dictionary of Unofficial English (McGraw-Hill, 2006 …), the Oxford Dictionary of American Political Slang (Oxford University Press, 2004 …), and the award-winning web site Double-Tongued Dictionary. He is also the vice president of communications and technology for the American Dialect Society, a member of the editorial review board for the academic journal American Speech, former editor of the journal’s “Among the New Words” column, and founder of the online dictionary Wordnik. (link) ]


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  1. John Lawler Says:

    Clearly cats are Reform; they fancy cheezburgers.

    Speaking of FB, this set of visual bad puns has been circulating all day there:

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