In my mail this morning, two advertising portmanteaus back to back:’s Shirtoberfest has shirt substituting for the first syllable of Octoberfest. Beautorium is a bit more interesting, since it’s a telescoping portmanteau of the compound beauty emporium.

Ad writers are fond indeed of portmanteaus.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Stan Carey on Google+:

    Presumably beautorium is pronounced with the beau- of beauty, but if I ever ended up in one I would be tempted to use the plain beau (“bo”) sound, just for mischief.

  2. Stan Says:

    There may be a way to cross-post G+ comments on the blog posts to which they refer, but such wizardry is presently beyond me.

    Looking again at the Shirtoberfest ad, I’m a little curious about the final dot in the first line – the one after the exclamation mark. I thought it might be a tiny, smudged trademark symbol, but it doesn’t appear in an equivalent line on the website. Maybe it’s just a random dot.

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