The entrepreneur gets an honorary degree

For Graduation Day (which is, in fact, today at Stanford), a wry Doonesbury in which Chris Simm, a dropout from Walden College and a business success, comes back to get an honorary degree (along with the rest of his original class):

“A surge-pricing app for mobile sex workers”, thereby remedying “an inefficient industry”: wonderful.

Chris Simm is, so far as I can tell, a new character in the strip. His name (one-syllable FN, a nickname, plus one-syllable LN) and his college career (dropping out of college for the tech world) are presumably based on Bill Gates (dropped out of Harvard before graduating, for Microsoft) and Steve Jobs (attended Reed briefly before dropping out, for Apple).

Simm looks impossibly young (but cocky) in the strip, right down to his spotty complexion.

Stanford isn’t handing out any honorary degrees today, but it will honor the Most Rev. Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori (head of the Episcopal Church until November 2015) as its baccalaureate speaker. And documentary filmmaker Ken Burns was honored  as the commencement speaker, at the big ceremony in Stanford Stadium. Meanwhile, there are demonstrations dishonoring Aaron Persky, a judge sitting on the Superior Court of California for the County of Santa Clara, for his unusually light sentence to former Stanford student Brock Turner following his conviction for rape.

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