Countdown to diamond days

… with gusto, always gusto.

In three days, my friend Steven Levine will be 60. On to his diamond years! A homoerotic scruff collage for the occasion:


(Assemblage by Robert Cumming for my own 60th birthday, at the turn of this century.)

The Steven Levine word is gusto: ‘enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest’ (NOAD2). He approaches technical writing with intensity and enthusiasm, and everything else with flat-out gusto: singing (Sacred Harp songs, folk songs, sea shanties, parlor songs, show tunes, whatever), Morris dancing, banging the big bass drum in the Minnesota Freedom Band, collecting amazing stuff at estate sales and flea markets (from Fiestaware to novelty ties, including many wonderful things he’s found for me), picking up friends everywhere (and maintaining these friendships), and being sturdily, joyously, and publicly gay.

Only Steven could go to Ireland for shapenote convention, pick up a set of Irish lads (almost all, if not all, straight) as friends in a Cork pub, and on a return visit lead the bros to this:


On the home front, Steven has been a great friend to me, to my daughter Elizabeth, and to my grand-daughter Opal. Here he is with baby Opal and then with child Opal in 2012:



Now I need pictures of Steven with the current, teenage, Opal.

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  1. Misty Says:

    What a small world. I worked with Steven for several years and enjoyed knowing him. I remember the travelogue of his Ireland trip. No need to post this if it’s too personal, but tell him happy birthday from me!

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