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Syntax assignments from 20 years ago

January 23, 2018

Background from a January 14th posting, with reference to Julie Tetel Andresen and Phillip M. Carter, Languages in the World: How History, Culture, and Politics Shape Language, 2016:

I’ve taught from an antecedent textbook enterprise, also focused on combining structural sketches of particular languages (from all over the world) with accounts of how languages fit into the social lives and cultures of their speakers:

Timothy Shopen (ed.), Languages and Their SpeakersLanguages and Their Status, both Winthrop Publishers, 1979, reprinted by Univ. of Pa. Press, 1987

I used the volumes as texts in an undergraduate introduction to syntax course, at Stanford and at Ohio State, with (I think) some success. For that purpose, the language sketches in the Shopen volumes had to be supplemented by material on syntactic typology and syntactic theory (which I created on my own).

And now some of these materials, from a 1998 version of the course at Stanford.


An infestation of rodentiphobia

January 22, 2018

(A guy in his skivvies, nothing of linguistic value.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad for Jack Adams, with a caption of mine:

Convinced that small
Furry creatures were
Lifting his junk and
Gnawing on his balls,
Croydon recoiled in
Fear and disgust.


Donnelly Rhodes

January 21, 2018

In the NYT on the 10th on-line, “Donnelly Rhodes, Prolific Character Actor, Is Dead at 81” by Daniel E. Slotnik, beginning:

(#1) The craggy-faced Rhodes on screen

Donnelly Rhodes, a Canadian-born character actor best remembered by American television audiences for playing an escaped convict on the sitcom “Soap” and a brusque doctor on the recent reboot of “Battlestar Galactica,” died on Monday at a hospice facility near his home in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

Rhodes was a major figure in the American branch of what I think of as the Acting Corps, a bank of reliable, competent, and versatile actors, many with recognizable faces — but without star status. (Discussion in my 7/20/15 posting “The Acting Corps”.) I took pleasure in his performances for over 50 years.


Objects of carnal desire

January 20, 2018

(Men’s bodies and sexual desire, decidedly racy but not explicit. Use your judgment.)

The latest from Daily Jocks, with an offer of the 2018 Pump! calendar:


Male photography by Rick Day for the Pump! firm, projecting carnal desire and carnal desirability in equal measure. The model — I think of him as Cal, for Calendar Boy — is presented displaying his muscular body (upper arms, pecs, abs) in a pitsntits come-on pose, wearing a Pump! Cooldown Boxer in Red (the color of hot sex, in blatant pouchwear), and with a High Desire face (slit eyes, slack open mouth, and what you can imagine are flaring nostrils). The inset of Mr. Feb. gives you the butt shot to match the pouch display, offering both foci of gay male desire..


Large Interior Form

January 20, 2018

Today’s Zippy takes us once again into the world of public art:


Zippy is contemplating Henry Moore’s Large Interior Form, 1953-54, though Zippy’s interpretation of the work is not the sculptor’s.


More George Booth

January 19, 2018

A follow-up to my 12/29/17 posting “George Booth at 90: elephants and holidays”: five of my favorite Booth cartoons.


LGBT news from Stanford

January 19, 2018

(A posting delayed by assorted computer upheavals at my house and a monster cold, which has caused me to sleep 11 hours a day. In any case, LGBT news bulletins, but no sex at all.))

News from Wednesday the 10th, the monthly Happy Hour! of Stanford’s QUEST group:

(#1) Logo provided by Ryan Tamares for the QUEST website

The gathering (almost all staff these days, and very heavy on librarians of various sorts) was our 8th anniversary event, a return to the Old Pro, a sports bar just up Ramona St. in Palo Alto from my house (yes, a sports bar, but it’s convenient to Stanford, lots of parking, and the CalTrain).


Out of the Inkwell

January 18, 2018

Wednesday’s Zippy takes us back to a delightful animated meta-comic of almost a century ago:


Check out the Koko Cartoon Factory animated short here. The character Koko comes out of an inkwell, drawn by a cartoonist, then himself creates other characters, erases some, confronts human antagonists, eventually returns to the inkwell. Dreamlike in the manner of Winsor McKay’s Little Nemo.


Reindeer and lynx — and wolves and bears, oh my!

January 16, 2018

Latest ad from the Daily Jocks folks, for the newest line of Helsinki Athletica underwear, with the ad copy:

(#1) ilves ‘lynx’ at top, front view; peura ‘reindeer’ at bottom, rear view

Helsinki Athletica: Ilves & Peura: Limited edition of Helsinki Athletica underwear featuring Finnish native animals. The low rise design is great for everyday wear with the soft, stretchy cotton fabric ensuring all day comfort and you can be sure of excellent support in the dual layered pouch.

A whimsical turn for a company mostly noted for its homo-steamy Lukas line of briefs, jockstraps, and trunks:


Attack of the custardy torus

January 15, 2018

… in Palo Alto, in yesterday’s Zippy:


Happy Donuts at 3916 El Camino Real, in the Barron Park neighborhood of Palo Alto, just south of the Stanford Industrial Park, itself just south of the College Terrace neighborhood (on the west) and the California Avenue shopping district (on the east), these being just south of the university (on the west) and downtown Palo Alto and the Professorville and Old Palo Alto neighborhoods (on the east). My neighborhoods.