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Boxer in shorts

March 11, 2016

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, introducing Lukas for Helsinki Athletica:

Lukas had a solid career doing
Gay porn in the Czech Republic — his
Muscular body, dark good looks,
Dominating presence, and high
Sex drive earned him a big
Fan following, among them a Finnish
Enthusiast in search of a model for his
Sportswear — so Lukas trekked North to
Craft a career in sporty shorts, and,
Sometimes, out of them.


Male beauty

March 10, 2016

A follow-up to my 2/18/16 posting “Ben, advertising” about Curbwear model Ben (with four photos on him in briefs), a man I was much taken with, and it now turns out that he has quite a following, among people who praise him for his “male beauty”, citing his handsome face, gorgeous eyes, and hot body (sometimes also his cool hair, beautiful smile, or notable bulge). Since the photos in the earlier posting showed an unsmiling (but not challenging or threatening) Ben, after a little background I’ll give three photos of him smiling (and shirtless and looking athletic) and go on to analyze his male beauty and compare him to some other beautiful men, of several types.


Sex in the shadows

March 6, 2016

(There will be stuff about music and some incidental stuff on translation, but there’s also crude mansex in very plain language, so this is certainly not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The latest Daily Jocks ad, with a caption of mine (one you can sing!):

Randy Handy stands in the shadows
While his johns walk in the light
You see the rich guys shine in brightness
But their stud hustler’s out of sight

Randy is prime meat in his rentboy stable, so a 50%-off sale is a real money-saver, guys.

Some background notes on the fantasy in the caption, then lots of words on the source of the caption (meanwhile, think “Mack the Knife”).


Spinoff: PigSkin underwear

March 5, 2016

In my Trent Atkins posting yesterday, photo #3 had the man in briefs apparently labeled Pigskin, which I took to be an invention of the Michael Lucas studios, expressly for a film in which a number of actors (Atkins among them) behave piggishly. But no, it’s a real thing, and the name is PigSkin (now corrected in the Atkins posting). It’s the company that conveyed the piggish, edgy, even raunchy associations by their choice of name, meanwhile allowing themselves plausible deniability by playing on the word pigskin as a sports term (for a football).

Cover image for the line, showing an intense nude model:



Tinging the scalene triangle

March 5, 2016

From Daily Jocks on the 2nd, a set of three images for 2eros underwear, with this ad copy (untouched here):


Australian luxury brand 2eros have released The X-Series, a new active underwear collection. Each styles comes in two marle colours, grey and black. It features 2EROS’s signature form fit and singled lined pouch for that enhanced but natural lift. Made from premium Lenzing Modal® which has epitomized pure luxury and softness for over 40 years.

Give your skin the ultimate sensual feeling, the fibre remains wonderfully soft even after repeated washing and retains its color brilliance.

(As you will see in #2 below, the spot that X marks seems to be the anus.)

[Quick addition: I neglected to explain marle. This is the British spelling corresponding to American marl. From NOAD2:

a mottled yarn of differently coloured threads, or fabric made from this yarn: blue marl leggings. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: shortening of marbled.

Similarly, red marl, navy marl, and, yes, grey/gray marl and black marl.]

Below the fold, the three images, in the sequence they came in, with a little tale of a romantic triangle in my captions.


Four mythic hunks

February 29, 2016

(Almost no language stuff: it’s about mythic, in one sense, performances by hunky men. Yes, I have my shallow moments.)

The appearance on my cable tv menu of the playing of the 2012 Wrath of the Titans got me to check the movie out. That brought me to a list of (relatively) recent movies and tv shows with mythological themes and hunky actors in starring roles. By actor, reverse chronologically:

Sam Worthington (film: Perseus in Clash of the Titans (2010) and Wrath of the Titans (2012))

Brad Pitt (film: Achilles in Troy (2004))

Ryan Gosling (tv: Young Hercules (1998-9))

Kevin Sorbo (tv: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995-99))


A family thing

February 25, 2016

Today’s Daily Jocks ad (for Marcuse swimwear, showing a model in the very low-rise line of swim briefs Jagger, in the color Ivory), and another model in the same swim briefs, plus a caption:



Both in their Marcuse Jaggers in Ivory, the
Spare intellectual end of extreme low-rise
Swim briefs, Mick and his brother Keith would
Troll the surf together for cute boys to
Double-team while disputing political economy
With them – the Jaggeds bewitched the pups with the
Smell of their sweat, the feel of their tight
Muscular bodies, and the
Acuity of their reasoning.


The fearful exhibitionist

February 20, 2016

(Not about language. No direct discussion of sexual acts either.)

The most recent Daily Jocks ad, showing a model wearing a Supawear jock in the Supacharge line, with Lightning theme (there’s also a Thunder theme, but Lightning has the more startling colors):


Jonas adored his
Jock strap, and
Pranced around in it
All day long, though he was
Reluctant to get
Plugged by that
Electric monster.


Ben, advertising

February 18, 2016

(Some explicit talk about man-man sex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad, announcing in a shriek that CURBWEAR IS BACK!, with a shot of model Ben advertising one of his identities (on briefs in the British firm’s IDENTITY line):


And here advertising another one of his identities (on an IDENTITY singlet and briefs):


My caption:

Greek receptive, French insertive, that’s the way
Ben swings, and he has underwear to
Advertise his identities. His boyfriend likes
Sandwich sessions with Ben: blow him for a while,
Screw him – well, really, provide Hungry Ben with a
Dildo dick and a cum load – then finish Ben off in his
Mouth. Works for them both, and Sam gets a long time to
Look up into Ben’s handsome face, and into
The astounding eyes that once
Beckoned Sam to pursue a perfect
Stranger off the street for
Risky sex in a
Grubby alleyway.



February 13, 2016

Today’s Daily Jocks ad, for an offer featuring BCNÜ underwear (in this case an Atletico Sports Brief), showing the model alluringly posed on sheepskin:


The same model, in a similar but darker pose, in a Grip Retro Brief:


My caption:


He chose the name Mandrake,
His conventionally handsome veneer
Concealing a magical, dangerous
Creature, the taste of whose body drove
Men into delirium. Posing as an
Underwear model, he transformed
Men into beasts.



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