In the Heat of Summer

The title of a photo spread by photographer Jonathan Kim, of model Matteo Miretti, conveying the enervation of a hot summer day, on the Fashion Grunge site on 2/11/19. I was led to this spread by one photo from it on Pinterest yesterday, showing Miretti so knocked senseless by the heat that it looks like he’s been martyred to it:

(#1) Also, of course, showing the elegant musculature of his body; if this be death, he is beautiful in its repose

From earlier in the sequence, a shot of Miretti’s face, alive but exhausted:

(#2) With his big summer hat

And then from later in the sequence, when Miretti has struggled into a chair, still overcome with lassitude in the heat, but not breaking a sweat; fashion models do not sweat:

(#3) Here we see that his character, or Miretti himself, is owned by another man — but wears an elegant chain, not a sturdy collar

On Fashion Grunge. From the site’s “about” page, from editor & founder Lauren M Brown:

In 2008 I was living in New York City and with the birth of the blog culture I felt there was a void in the resurgence and appreciation of the visuals behind the grunge and alternative rock of the ’90s. What first began as a blog, 10 years later has become a platform for emerging artists, designers, and an exploration of many creative passions.

The name ‘Fashion Grunge’ is in itself an exploration of two areas of interest. While the music came first, inevitably a style followed. The dichotomy of masculine and feminine, edgy and minimal, fashion and grunge.


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  1. lise menn Says:

    In #1, the model is surely a tribute to Michaelangelo’s Adam on the Sistine ceiling just before God brings him to life. Perhaps the photographer would like to play god?

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