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At the Head of the Wolf

June 18, 2016

(Money, sex, and anthropophagy, plus killer abs and electric underwear.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad, with a caption of mine:


Catherine showered the boys with
Money, Sebastian traded the bounty of
His Electric jockstrap for the treasures in
Their ragged boardshorts, but the
Cash ran out — the slavering
Pack set upon the terrified Sebastian,
Ripped what lean flesh they could from
His beautiful body.

The caption sets the 2(X)IST Electric underwear ad in the Spanish beach town of Cabeza de Lobo, the location of the movie Suddenly, Last Summer (1959), in which Montgomery Clift succumbs to a pack of beach boys.


Most unusual ties

June 14, 2016

Juan Gomez, surveying some of the penguiniana at Ramona St. (there is even more at Staunton Ct., where I’m trying to clear things out), noticed this very handsome silver and black tie on display in my living room:


(The label says: “MUSEO Hand Made” — made in Korea, as it turns out.)

The tie was a gift from my friend Steven Levine, who has an enormous collection — hundreds — of ties, found in used clothing outlets, estate sales, flea markets, and the like. Funny, gorgeous, bizarre, all shedding some light on odd corners of popular culture and changes in artistic fashions over the years.

So Juan asked what the most unusual tie in Steven’s collection was. I asked Steven, he reflected for some time, and nominated six items. For your thoughtful pleasure, these ties, with Steven’s comments…


Ballad of beef

May 25, 2016

(Not much about language.)

The Daily Jocks ad from yesterday, with a caption of mine:


His name was
Drogo, after the legendary
Horseman, but everyone called him
Oxo, because he was so


Monday language comics

May 16, 2016

Two Monday comics on linguistic topics: a Calvin and Hobbes with an unfortunate ambiguity (pitch the tent), and a Zits with a portmanteau for a combo sport (dodgebowl):




Mint, Flint, Slate, Brick

May 1, 2016

From Daily Jocks on the 28th, an Obviously AnatoMAX man, with a caption of mine:

He scrutinized himself pitilessly in the
Mirror, as a piece of meat to feed the
Hot guys – Was his hairstyle
Trendy enough? Would his long slim torso
Excite them, or did they need
Big muscles? Was the Hipster Trunk in Mint
Too faggy, or would that be a good thing? Would the
Humongous pouch make them laugh or
Get them hard?

He’s in a Hipster Trunk, which comes in Mint, Flint Blue, Slate, and Red Brick.


Meteor Storm

April 24, 2016

About the 2010 film and the two lead actors, who were immediately familiar to me, though I couldn’t say from where. Ultimately, this posting is about “ordinary working actors” (the phrase is based on Chuck Fillmore’s notion of Ordinary Working Grammarians) — people who get into acting (often via odd routes), practice the craft in children’s theater, college theater, soap operas, commercials, modeling, regional theater and other stage productions, whatever, and then become part of a cadre of accomplished professionals, very few of whom become stars or celebrities, but still give pleasure to audiences and are often liminally recognizable.


(Yes, the Golden Gate Bridge gets demolished, along with lots of really tall buildings.)

Out in front: the excellent faces of the two lead actors:




Jon Huertas

April 20, 2016

(Acting and a fine shirtless man.)

Re-run today of a Castle episode — S3 Ep12 “Poof! You’re Dead” from 1/10/11 — prominently featuring supporting actor Jon Huertas, playing homicide detective Javier Esposito on Capt. Kate Beckett’s team. The show is an ensemble cop drama with plenty of comic and romantic touches, well directed and well acted.


70s Cleaverwear

April 18, 2016

Following up on my posting of the 14th on men’s knitwear with elephant-trunk and snake appendages — apparently intended as underwear but easily interpretable as soft codpieces — Arne Adolfsen posted on Facebook to ask if anyone remembered “Eldridge Cleaver’s foray into haute couture”; an advertisement (available on several sites) from the period, passed on by Arne:

(Many would say this is basse couture.)


The knitwear news for penises

April 14, 2016

From Aric Olnes, a link to this entertainment on the Dangerous Minds site: “‘Sexy’ Knitted Elephant and Snake Underwear for Men” by Tara McGinley 4/13/16 (intended for a woman to give her man, but of course a man could get (or knit) them for himself or for his guy):


Magnitude boys

April 10, 2016

(Ok, men’s bodies and some suggestive verse, but nothing really X-rated. And there’s even a bit of language stuff.)

The most recent Daily Jocks ad, with an accompanying on-line ad (and my caption):



His name was McTrim,
And he called himself Tim,
But everyone knew him as Pansy.

Now he and his man, who called himself Stan.
Were in the back room making whoopee, when
Their buddy broke in, grinning a grin, growling
Move over boys, Daddy needs nookie!

(Ok, a take-off on Lennon & McCartney’s Rocky Raccoon. And yes, I’ve messed with the line divisions, while preserving the rhymes, including my half-rhyme whoopee – nookie, which introduces the item nookie, for another posting.)



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