The final, even more flagrant, day of the DJ flash offer

(Hot underwear model with his ample junk flagrantly displayed, discussion of male bodies and stud hustling  — not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The previous, way flagrant, flash offer e-mail from Daily Jocks (on 7/28):

(#1) The 7/28 mailing, examined in my 7/29 posting “A Daily Jocks flash offer”, with respect to four things: the commercial term flash offer; the model’s body; the flagrant image, with an entirely visible cock; and an interpretation of the ad as offering the model as a stud hustler at a bargain price

And now, the final, even more flagrant, flash offer e-mail (on 7/29):

(#2) Expanding on the previous ad: the model (known in earlier of my postings as Helgi) now in a Basic Trunk, with a hand in his pants; this is also a later, much more bulked up and muscular Helgi than the sleek man in the first flash offer; but in both of these shots, he’s gazing directly at the viewer, projecting a challenging offer of his body: you want a piece of this, buddy? (Apparently, this actually sells underwear; meanwhile, it’s beautifully composed, high-end porn.)

Compare #2 to a DJ image of the trunk on a different model:

(#3) In a flat front-facing pose, without any of the drama of #2 (and with a less well-defined dick in those trunks, but still clearly outlined; DJ is probably playing here with the BBC — Big Black Cock — fantasy)

Hands in pants. From my 11/18/21 posting “Helgi narcissus (again)”:

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad with the model I’ve called Helgi in Helsinki Athletica Kasper long johns, contemplating his own handsome body:

(#4) Helgi4, following three previous DJ photos of this model set in a trendy bathing room; like Helgi2 and 3, modeling long johns, this time in an off-white with just the slightest touch of pink (a shade DJ calls Dusty Pink); like Helgi1, casting his gaze downward to admire, Narcissus-like, the weighty excellence of his own genital package, but now sliding his right hand down his firm belly under the waistband of his underwear (man’s got a hand in his pants)

Then, in this posting, material on the gaze downward and a section on hands in pants:

Hands in pants. The gesture, with a summary posting of 10/5/19 “A man, his hands, his pants”:

Negligent hands. Men put their hands in their pants with sexual intent, as [in earlier examples in this postng]; but also, of course, to urinate, or to scratch an itchy crotch, or to adjust the position of their genitals or their underwear. And also without conscious purpose, negligently, usually for reasons they can’t clearly formulate. The gestures are often associated with particular social groups,  particular presentations of self, and particular contexts, in complex ways; to some degree, men (tacitly) pick up these gestures within their (sub)cultures, in much the same way they pick up phonetic gestures associated with dialects and personas.

There’s a certain amount of popular writing that aims to explain why men engage in displays like these two (from well-known actors [Luke Perry, Zac Efron])

And not just in such very public contexts: a fair number of men, relaxing at home in jeans or underwear, rest one hand (or sometimes both) in their pants, and some put their hands in their pants without thought on more public occasions. The popular-media explanations offered for this behavior — for instance, in a Men’s Health article of 9/4/15 — are that the men are protecting their genitals; that they are warming their hands; that they find the gesture comforting (but not sexual), soothing in much the same way as a light massage (grabbing their junk is an anxiety-relieving gesture for some men); or that they are performing a display of dominance over other men.

Then we have Helgi in [#4], which might be the beginning of a cock tease (pulling down the waistband to approach exposing his penis). Or something else.

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