Helgi Narcissus (again)

(Attractive men modeling underwear, some of them contemplating their genital packages. But nothing raunchy.)

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad with the model I’ve called Helgi in Helsinki Athletica Kasper long johns, contemplating his own handsome body:

(#1) Helgi4, following three previous DJ photos of this model set in a trendy bathing room; like Helgi2 and 3, modeling long johns, this time in an off-white with just the slightest touch of pink (a shade DJ calls Dusty Pink); like Helgi1, casting his gaze downward to admire, Narcissus-like, the weighty excellence of his own genital package, but now sliding his right hand down his firm belly under the waistband of his underwear (man’s got a hand in his pants)

DJ ad alarm:

last chance: 40% off long johns, sale ends in 24 hrs

By now, we are to suppose, the doors have closed, the sale is over, the long johns are packed away for another year.

The long johns came in three colors: Dusty Pink, Khaki, Charcoal Marle (a shade of brown) — two butch colors and one faggy one (though “designer names” like Charcoal Marle can make butch colors sound faggy).

Finally, note the cuffs in #1: they might look like tights, but the Helsinki Athletica long johns have cuffs, as the bottoms of long johns do (and their long-sleeved tops do as well).

Previously. From my 11/16/21 posting “Cruising in his long johns, take 2”, with a summary of Helgi1-3. Helgi2 and 3 have the long johns, with cruise faces; but Helgi1 is another Helgi Narcissus:

(#2) Helgi1, a briefs mirror-image to the long-johns Helgi4, but with more interesting lighting

The Gaze Downward. A summary posting, my 2/20/19 report “News for penises: notes on phallophilia”:

[a] Daily Jocks ad (for Kasper Military shorts from the Helsinki Athletica company) showing a hunky model gazing fixedly down at his bulging crotch


… The gesture in [this ad,] which I’ve posted about (on 11/8/10) on AZBlogX as “The Gaze Downward”

Several times I’ve posted photos of guys — underwear or porn models — staring fixedly down at their own hard cocks, apparently with no regard for the viewer. The Gaze Downward, seen here in a 10percent ad (with the cock in the model’s pants, but hard enough for everyone to see) and in a Pits ‘n’ Tits display in the locker room…

… the Gaze Downward isn’t all that common, probably because it doesn’t engage the viewer directly [instead, voyeurstically]. On the other hand, it does guide the viewer’s attention to the model’s dick [out in the open, or in his bulge / pouch / package]. You start by looking at his face, then you travel down his model-perfect body, appreciating it, until you end up on his cock.

… From this blog, in a 3/16/11 posting “Underwear puns” [with] … two more examples from my files

… Not a lot of variation. The model in [one photo] is bearing his weight on his right leg, with his left hip slightly uptilted, while the others are standing with equal weight on both feet. His head is also not as far tilted down as the others’. All five express little or no emotion on their faces; I have yet to see an underwear model or porn actor smile during a Gaze Downward, or come even close; it’s serious stuff, contemplating your penis.

And then a later posting, from 4/9/19 “Athletica Sport Dick, how I admire thee”, on:

Beautiful penises. And the pose in [an ad for a Helsinki Athletica Sport jock], combining one convention from classical sculpture (the athlete in repose) and one from male photography (self-regard: contemplating your penis with a gaze downward).


Hands in pants. The gesture, with a summary posting of 10/5/19 “A man, his hands, his pants”:

Negligent hands. Men put their hands in their pants with sexual intent, as [in earlier examples in this postng]; but also, of course, to urinate, or to scratch an itchy crotch, or to adjust the position of their genitals or their underwear. And also without conscious purpose, negligently, usually for reasons they can’t clearly formulate. The gestures are often associated with particular social groups,  particular presentations of self, and particular contexts, in complex ways; to some degree, men (tacitly) pick up these gestures within their (sub)cultures, in much the same way they pick up phonetic gestures associated with dialects and personas.

There’s a certain amount of popular writing that aims to explain why men engage in displays like these two (from well-known actors [Luke Perry, Zac Efron])

And not just in such very public contexts: a fair number of men, relaxing at home in jeans or underwear, rest one hand (or sometimes both) in their pants, and some put their hands in their pants without thought on more public occasions. The popular-media explanations offered for this behavior — for instance, in a Men’s Health article of 9/4/15 — are that the men are protecting their genitals; that they are warming their hands; that they find the gesture comforting (but not sexual), soothing in much the same way as a light massage (grabbing their junk is an anxiety-relieving gesture for some men); or that they are performing a display of dominance over other men.

Then we have Helgi in #1, which might be the beginning of a cock tease (pulling down the waistband to approach exposing his penis). Or something else.

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