Pop culture projections

In yesterday’s Zippy strip, Rorschach inkblots act as springs releasing elaborate pop culture fantasies from our Pinhead’s imagination:

(1) Dolly Parton appears in the second panel and pretty much takes over; the reference in panel 3 is to Parton’s song “Jolene”

The Rorschach inkblot projective tests have appeared on this blog twice before, both times in Bizarro cartoons. (I sense a theme here.)

“Jolene”. From Wikipedia:

“Jolene” is a song written and performed by American country music artist Dolly Parton. It was produced by Bob Ferguson and recorded at RCA Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee on May 22, 1973. It was released on October 15, 1973, by RCA Victor, as the first single and title track from her album of the same name.

… The song tells of Parton confronting Jolene, a stunningly beautiful woman, who she worries will steal away her lover/husband. Throughout the song, Parton implores Jolene “please don’t take him just because you can.”

You can watch a delightful YouTube video here of Pentatonix and Parton performing the song together.

From Zipsurreal to Bizarro. Two postings from earlier this year.

— in my 1/10/21 posting “Rorschach v. Magritte”:

(2) A confrontation between the Swiss psychologist and the Belgian surrealist painter, famous for the Magrittean disavowal (“This is Not a Pipe”)

— in my 10/24/21 posting “Bug on the couch”:

(3) The patient is a mosquito, who sees only grotesque photos of windshield roadkill of his kind

And now we have Zippy, who sees Baby Huey and Dolly Parton.

As they say, you see what you are.


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