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PUMP!ing it up

October 17, 2018

(Homowear: male models in underwear, displaying their bodies homoerotically, with archly queer ad copy. Not X-rated, but not to everyone’s taste.)

The Daily Jocks ad for PUMP! underwear from the 15th:


Underwear model as sculptural form. Mahogany Man.


Sexual faces

October 1, 2018

(Men’s bodies and mansex in plain talk, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

It began with a recent TitanMen (gay porn firm) sale, with this come-on photo (cropped here for modesty):


The eyes reject

December 9, 2016

From a Facebook discussion between a black woman T, a white guy C, and me, over the interpretation of a baffling — because drastically poor in detail — news story involving two young black men, a set of store employees, and a policeman: the guys asked for sliced cheese; an employee said the store didn’t carry it; the employee then herded the staff into a back room, locked it, and called the police; the cop who turned up told the guys they had to leave the store or they’d be arrested. T and I suspected that race might have been involved in the incident, and I was especially dubious about the sliced cheese part of the story; C maintained that race was not at issue, and in any case we didn’t have enough information to suspect that it did. At this point, T to C:

please don’t use your woke status to affirm your reading of the story and to presume that Arnold is alone in his side eye.

That is, my figurative side eye (or side-eye): I didn’t actually look sideways to express distrust or disbelief, but I certainly did express those attitudes (verbally rather than visually).


Given over to desire

August 23, 2013

(Technically not visually X-rated, but very heavy in sexual content.)

In writing about facial expressions during gay sex (especially, during man-on-man intercourse), I’ve remarked on an ecstatic expression often shown by one partner (usually, the bottom) or both of them. From a posting on “Captioned croppings”, this example of mutual ecstasy (mouths open, eyes narrowed or fully shut):


The expressions are an outward manifestation of an inner state of mind (and body), an intense giving over of one’s self to, or losing one’s conscious self in, the sexual experience — an ecstasy or rapture. Gay men sometimes speak of a bottom in this transcendant state as being in heat; the counterpart for a top would be, I suppose, being in rut or rutting, though I’ve never heard the expression. These ways of talking adopt the vocabulary of sexual behavior in certain animals for an only very roughly analogous human phenomenon.


Odds and ends 8/16/13

August 16, 2013

Some more short takes, on a notable person, avoidance of non-taboo words, wordless instructions, typefaces, and a libfix.


Captioned croppings

July 16, 2013

(Warning: Very high (homo)sexual content. Not for everyone.)

On AZBlogX, I’ve done a series of postings on facial expressions during gay sex (recently, Wagner Vittoria on Tiziano Fuentes in Lovers in Paradise, illustrating a technically non-X photo whose sexual content is absolutely clear). One image I’m especially fond of: Tommy Defendi on Jimmy Fanz, both wonderfully ecstatic, in Hole 1; the original image has no Officially Naughty Bits, but still I’ve cropped it to be absolutely clearly non-X (while also being clearly a fuck shot). And then I’ve added a caption (from the musical Gypsy):


Sing out, Louise!


How do I look?

July 8, 2013

Over on AZBlogX, I’ve continued a series on facial expressions during gay sex with a report on some scenes from the porn flick Hole 1 (God knows how many gay porn flicks have hole in their titles). It starts with Trenton Ducati playing a businessman consumed by lust for fellatio with five — count them, five — erect penises, and goes on from there.

Along the way you get one shot of Adam Killian exhibiting (once again) his proficiency at AI-AI (Acrobatic Insertive Anal Intercourse), not to be confused with the lemur the aye-aye — a side benefit of his training in dance and years of working out at the gym.

There’s a moderate amount on facial expression and gesture, little specifically on language. Also: totally not for the kiddies or the sexually modest.

At the X line with remarkably named pornstars

July 6, 2013

(Warning: This posting has an image of man-man sex that is right at the X line — that’s one of the topics of the posting, in fact — and some frank description of gay sex, so it might not be to everyone’s taste.)

In my e-mail yesterday, a stirring ad from Lucas Entertainment (Michael Lucas’s porn flick company, not George Lucas’s film company) for its film Lovers in Paradise, with a shot of Wagner Vittoria penetrating Tiziano Fuentes — an image that I’ll show some distance below the fold; it’s technically not X-rated (there’s no penis, testicles, or anus visible in it), though no one could mistake what’s going on there. As in my posting “X or not?” of 5/19/13, I’ll muse some on where the X line gets drawn.

First, though, a description of the scene and some information about three remarkably named pornstars (these two and Vittoria’s pornstar boyfriend Diego Lauzen).


Gestures and symbols

June 30, 2013

From many sources, in e-mail and on Facebook, this ad from the Family Research Council:


“Oral Sex and Doggie Style! Family Research Council: Call 2 Fall Is Call 2 FAIL!” by Lisa Derrick 6/27/13:

Gay-hating Family Research Council, now labeled a hate group rather than carrying the Christian branding of being a loving faith-based group, has yet another epic fail on their sweaty social media hands. Their latest campaign, Call 2 Fall complaining about marriage and the repeal of DOMA using hip cool internet lingo is the most hysterically wrong-thinking ad since, well their last one.

… This image from Family Research Council … clearly suggests fellatio followed by modified doggie style intercourse.

So: a “call to fall on our knees” comes out looking like a call to fellatio.


Penguin cartoons

June 12, 2013

Today’s cartoon crop includes a Tundra strip (passed on by Chris Waigl) with a penguin as the central character (and a pun and an implicature) and a penguinless one (today’s Pearls Before Swine) that’s about characters from one strip appearing in another — but then leads to another cartoon penguin (and portmanteau animals and a hand signal):