Thilopyrus flamminips Wants YOU!

(Content warning: men’s bodies, references to sex between men, not suitable for kids or the sexually modest. On the other hand, there will be some delightful birds.)

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks sale ad (for harnesses, plus accompanying jockstraps and athletic socks) via e-mail, featuring the model I’ve called Reggie. In the ad, we see Reggie in character as Thilopyrus flamminips, the fire-nippled flit, performing his mating ritual; note the characteristic cruising facial display (narrowed eyes, intense direct gaze) and the inflamed party plumage (rainbow harness and jockstrap), but especially the left nipple actually on fire (when both tits ignite, the flit spontaneously ejaculates, at the same time producing his climax cry, a fierce, drawn-out whoop: “Fuuuuck”)

(apologies for the somewhat antique derogatory slang flit ‘male homosexual, esp. an effeminate one’ (based on the standard English noun flit ‘a flutter; a light movement’ (GDoS) — but it fits in with the ornithology)

(#1) [ad copy:] Strap in for some wild party action with our best selling harnesses including the Pride Trough Harness from DJX [AZ: troughs are for pigs, in particular sexpigs]

The ad continues with a display of some of the harnesses on sale:

(#2) A display of harnesses as homo partywear (oh, the parties we get to!), so it’s seriously about pecs (see especially the black model) and then, pointedly, about nipples / tits / nips, which are very much on display in 7 of the 8 images here (the Vaux Playa Harness displays the wearer’s tits too, but you absolutely have to appreciate the bright pink tassels, a small triumph of butch fagginess)

Nipple talk. Many years ago an older and much more experienced man explained to me about gay guys and their nipples: everybody has nipples; women and gay men have tits; seriously butch gay men might have nips. (AZ in 2022: Your usage might vary; I’m reporting, not prescribing.) He then gave me a lesson on getting my tits worked over, which was painful and rough and breath-taking and exhilarating all at once, with a seminar on serving a dirty-talking dom master thrown in as a free bonus.

Ever since, what I have, for sexual purposes anyway, are tits.

Reggie last year. Reggie came to us last May (getting ready for Pride Month), in the very same harness and jock, but in a different pose, with a less penetrating gaze. From my 5/21/21 posting “Harnessing up for Pride”:


The model is DJX’s “regular-guy” model, at the neutral midpoint on the queer-straight scale. From my 3/19/21 posting “Personas and poses”:

A neutral underwear pose (in … PUMP! aqua briefs) from a model whose presentation of self is also neutral on the queer-straight scale (which means that in a heteronormative world, he’ll be taken to be straight)

… I’ll give this model a pseudonym … — Reggie, suggesting “regular guy” — because, despite his appearance in dozens and dozens of PUMP! ad photos, he doesn’t show up in a Google search for “PUMP! underwear models”. What you get in such a search is tons of incredibly hunky men displaying their bodies as objects of gay desire and presenting themselves as cruising intensely for sex (you can almost smell the sex sweat).

… Reggie is totally not of this world. He comes from the world of 1950s newspaper ads for Fruit of the Loom underwear.

But he seems to be sliding into the gay party world. Now to the point that in #1 he has

Tits of fire. (Greek-derived) cephalopyrus ‘(with) head of fire, fire-headed’ leads to thilopyrus ‘(with) nipples / tits of fire, fire-nippled’; and (Latin-derived) flammiceps ‘fire-headed one, fire head’ leads to flamminips ‘fire-nippled one, fire tits’.

The binomial taxonomic name Cephalopyrus flammiceps belongs to a delightful bird of Myanmmar-China. From Wikipedia:

(#4) Illustration of Cephalopyrus flammiceps from The Birds of Asia by John Gould

The fire-capped tit (Cephalopyrus flammiceps) is a small, 10 cm (3.9 in) long, weighing about 7 g (0.25 oz) bird species assigned to the family Paridae, that breeds in the temperate forest bordering the Himalayas to the south, in the Hengduan Shan and Nujiang Shan on the Myanmar-China border, the Micah Shan and Daba Shan on the Northern Sichuan border. It winters down hill and further south.

… The fire-capped tit is not shy. It is always active, giving little wing strokes like a warbler.

From Cephalopyrus flammiceps, the fire-capped tit, to Thilopyrus flamminips, the fire-nippled flit: Reggie Fire-Tits, Reggie with the tits of fire. Who is, like the fire-headed tit, not at all shy (see #1).

Now that Reggie has tits that will ignite, we can look forward to fresh DJ episodes in which he masters the skill of shooting streams of fire from them (maybe tracing his name in the snow of the Himalayan foothills). A new career, as Reggie the Papillary Fire-Starter. There are people who would pay to see that.

4 Responses to “Thilopyrus flamminips Wants YOU!”

  1. Robert Coren Says:

    The scientific name of the bird is the first one I can remember encountering in which the two words mean the same thing, but one is Greek-derived and the other is Latin-derived. It’s probably not unique in this respect.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Well, in the animal world there’s Mephitis mephitis, but that doesn’t shift languages. I had a strong feeling that there were other taxonomic binomials that said the same thing in two different languages, but couldn’t dredge up any examples.

      • Stewart Kramer Says:

        Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (bearberry, kinnikinnick) is the first example that comes to mind for me. Not just a tautonym or pleonasm, but the variant spelling “kinnikinnik” is a famously long palindrome.

      • arnold zwicky Says:

        To Stewart Kramer: a laurel wreath for the Zipperbear! Arctostaphylos uva-ursi is the very example that was floating around in the back of my mind.

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