Men’s Briefs: the locked gaze

(A little tribute to, among other things, man-on-man anal sex in the Cowboy position, and the facial expressions and gaze accompanying the act — so definitely not for kids or the sexually modest. There are fuzzed-up images below; the photos with the genitals untouched are in a parallel posting “The locked gaze” on AZBlogX today.)

A Falcon Studios e-mail ad yesterday:

(#1) After the flirting and the cruising, they’ve sealed the deal and moved into Cowboy time; the cock is firmly planted in the fuckhole, their gazes are locked in an emotional union mirroring their carnal union, and they’re about to kiss

Another chapter in the story of facial expressions and gaze in the pursuit of sex between men and then during their sexual connection. The previous chapter on AZBlogX was in my 2/3 posting “The pedicant’s smile”, showing an exchange of happy smiles while the receptive rides the insertive’s cock in (standard) Cowboy; here’s the version from my 2/3 posting “Happy catamites” on this blog:

(#2) An exchange of joy, eye to eye — one of the advantages of the face-to-face arrangement in Cowboy being the opportunity to monitor one another’s expressions, communicate via gaze, and kiss

The visual geometry of #1. The photo is not only effective as a means of sexual arousal for the suitably disposed viewer — beautiful naked men (with carefully tended bodies, but in the “natural”, rather than muscle-hunk, range), engaged in hot sex (with a big thick dick for your viewing pleasure), and sharing an intense gaze of consuming lust — but is also a very nicely composed image, with sight lines organized into an isosceles triangle:

(#3) A line from Maddox’s cock through Reynolds’s body makes the left side of the triangle; a line through the fuckers’ eyes makes the right side; and a line from Reynolds’s ass through his leg to his knee makes the base

The porn flick. The gimmick of the video (with overall direction by Steve Cruz) is that it’s a set of five short sexual-fantasy episodes  — briefs — directed by porn stars themselves. Note the punning play on the noun briefs, in two senses (both derived from the adjective brief ‘short’, which has been nouned again and again):

— the plural noun briefs: “close-fitting legless underpants that are cut so as to cover the body to the waist, in contrast to a bikini” (NOAD); men’s briefs are then a type of men’s underwear (the type I have favored for most of my life, in fact), so the name comes with racy associations to men’s crotches and buttocks

— the plural of a coined noun brief ‘a short film’, created as a metaphorical extension of the noun brief ‘a concise statement or summary'(NOAD); or by analogy to the noun short ‘a short film as opposed to a feature film’ (NOAD); or, quite likely, both (I note that Men’s Shorts has been used as the name of collections of short films on gay male themes)

But on to Falcon’s Men’s Briefs (2022). The studio’s ad copy (with the episodes numbered for reference and the description of the Reynolds / Cade episode boldfaced), which I quote in full just because I find such copy entertaining:

(#4) The DVD cover; I believe that those are the gay porn actors Reign (above) and Devin Franco (below, with bullhorn; Franco was one of the directors), and those are bits of NYC behind them

From the minds and visions of some of the absolute best fuckers that gay porn has ever seen, ‘Men’s Briefs’ delivers engaging stories and sexual fantasies directed and starring today’s leading stars. Shot on location in the Big Apple and at THE Q NYC, this film sees A-list porn stars Max Konnor, Devin Franco, Leo Forte, and Boomer Banks stepping behind the camera to direct their own original short stories with the help of award-winning performer-turned-director Steve Cruz. [1] Devin Franco knows nothing about his anonymous hookup, except that he’s wearing a red hat and has a huge dick. So, when he sees stranger Eric Rey rocking a bright red cap, he pounces and starts railing his smooth ass right there in the club. [2] Twink Shae Reynolds keeps seeing A-lister Cade Maddox all over town, so it’s no surprise when the famous muscle stud begins invading his dreams for the most graphic and realistic fantasies the young man has ever experienced. [3] When puppy dog Adrian Hart discovers that Reign is his dreamboat pet sitter, he immediately fantasizes about transforming from a good boy into a real boy and getting the chance to service Reign’s curved cock. [4] A quick connection at the bar has Colton Reece swopping Luke Truong away to a back room for an intense bareback romp that has the twink bottom clinging to a stripper pole as the overly-excited top jackhammers his innocent hole into smithereens [AZ: I view this as an over-vivid metaphor]. [5] After a few awkward misunderstandings around the holidays, boyfriends Tristan Hunter and Shane Cook realize the only presents that they need to give each other are the bulging packages hidden beneath their zippers. [wrap-up] So, take a load off and stroke a load out by smothering your face in these ‘Men’s Briefs’ and immersing yourself in the wildest fantasies that your favorite porn stars have to offer.

(“take a load off [your feet; take a load off your feet ‘rest and relax’] and stroke a load [of cum] out [‘jack off’]”, with its structural parallelism — take / stroke a load off / out — and its play on load, is certainly worthy of note)

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