Happy catamites

(About male-male sex in street language, definitely not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Unearthed this morning — amidst piles of note pages with material for, I estimate, about 500 blog postings, on the same page from my little bedroom notepad as “I ween”, which (thanks to my 4/24/21 posting “I ween”) I’ve been able to date to mid-April 2021 — this bit of alliterative doggerel:

(#1) The pedication poem

(Perhaps unconsciously inspired by the American “dirty” folksong” “Violate Me in Violet Time (In the vilest way you know)” — No. 235 in Vance Randolph’s Roll Me in Your Arms: “Unprintable” Ozark Folksongs and Folklore (Univ. of Arkansas Press, 1992).)

The useful verb pedicate (now conveying ‘to have [insertive] anal sex with, to fuck in/up the ass’), plus a suggestion of taking pleasure in the act, which caused me to review my material on facial expressions during sex (see the Page on this blog on facial expressions in mansex; I’ve posted separately on come-faces / O-faces and on cruise faces).

On the vocabulary. From my 5/17/18 posting “Deshagged and pedicured”:

Latin had a devoted anal-sex verb. From the Oxford dictionary site:

verb pedicateformal Have anal intercourse with (someone). Origin: Early 17th century: from Latin paedicatio(n-), from paedicare ‘have anal intercourse with’.

Given pedicate from Latin, you get for free:

pedicator ‘insertive partner in anal intercourse, top, bugger(er), butt-fucker’ (fucker for short, in a gay context)

pedicant ‘receptive partner in anal intercourse, (anal) sodomite, bottom, [metonymic] fuckhole’

From OED3 (June 2018) on the noun catamite:

A boy or young man who is made use of as a (typically passive) sexual partner by an older man. More generally: a ([typically] younger) passive partner in homosexual anal intercourse. Frequently in contexts indicating disdain or contempt.

On the facial expressions. From the evidence of gay porn (supplemented by my personal experience in having sex with men), men engaged (in either role) in anal sex mostly fall into one of two altered states of consciousness, both manifested in their facial expressions:

— a state much like flow or being in the zone in sports psychology, a total absorption in the activity at hand (manifested in mansex in the facial expression I’ve called Man at Work — or Workman or Craftsman — which tends to look devoid of emotion beyond intense attention)

— and the rapturous state of ecstasy, in which the experiencer is flooded with emotion, while their mouths hang open, their eyes roll up in their head, and so on (producing the Ecstatic facial expression)

It might be that insertive partners incline to Workman, receptives to Ecstatic — thus mirroring the stereotypical association of emotional control with masculinity and  emotional expressiveness with femininity — but this would be at best a tendency; people behave differently on different occasions, and my illustrations in earlier postings show that all the possibilities are amply illustrated.

In any case, beyond Workman and Ecstatic, I have some examples of smiles used in facial expressions in male-male sex: what I’ve called Loving Buddy or Good Buddy, involving welcoming, inviting, or encouraging smiles; and what I’ve called Sweetly Blissful, involving smiles of pleasure, especially on the part of a receptive. In any case, the latter seems to be what I had in mind when I wrote the pedication poem roughly a year ago. The slogan for Sweetly Blissful, for the use of happy catamites, is:

Smile if you’re getting sodomized and you like it!

Some examples. From my 7/6/19 posting “4th of July displays”, two images of porn actor Matthew Bosch’s face while he’s being fucked:

(#2) Bosch Ecstatic while riding Dirk Caber’s cock — for comparison to:

(#3) “Now gimme that good, good lovin'”: Bosch smiling while taking Nick Prescott up his ass (“Good Lovin'” is a song written by Rudy Clark and Arthur Resnick that was a #1 hit single for the Young Rascals in 1966. (Wikipedia link))

And now, on AZBlogX this morning, in “The pedicant’s smile”, two shots of men in the midst of visibly pleasurable fucks (both riding Cowboy) — the dicks, balls, and assholes have been fuzzed out for WordPressability (full images on AZBlogX):

(#4) More Good Lovin’: a tribute to Cowboy as a position conducive to affectionate coupling

The pedicant — the sodomized, the penetrated, the receptor / receptive*, the bottom**, the (fuck)hole — is smiling at the pedicator — the sodomizer, the penetrator, the insertor / insertive, the top, the fucker (*but physically the more active, and typically the director of the encounter) (**but physically on top)

(#5) Both men smiling, very broadly and confidently, for the camera, as if they were in a tv interview, or maybe a furniture ad  for The Couch You’ll Love to Fuck On — not at each other

I find this image sweetly funny, as if the pedicant were saying to us:

Why yes! I do have my buddy’s hard cock all the way up my ass, and it feels great! Why do you ask? Do you like the way we look?

(The images in #4 and #5 are unidentified stills on a gay porn video aggregation site.)


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