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See the Conqu’ring Hero Comes

April 19, 2020

… aka Thine Be / Is the Glory (Risen Conquering Son). But, either way, joyous and triumphant. (Also with a tune that’s an industrial-strength earworm. I warned you.)

The background is that in these plague times, when people cannot physically be with one another, they’re mobilizing existing non-local communities — in my case, the big ones are linguists, queerfolk, and shapenote singers — and creating new ones on-line, and sharing enthusiasms within these communities. Especially music, of every conceivable kind, and food, which can’t literally be shared on-line, though we can share the details of what we’re eating and cooking, how it’s prepared, how it looks and tastes, memories of meals past and imagined and (especially) what they mean to us, and so on. In both cases, we celebrate an amalgam of appetites, of intellectual and sheer physical pleasure.

(Linguists are famously food-music people, and Jim McCawley is our saint.)

But the specific matter at hand is a tune by Handel that came to us later as a cello and piano piece by Beethoven and also as a Christian hymn for Easter. And for me, the recollection of hearing the Beethoven, for the first time, with Ann Daingerfield (Zwicky), in a moment of great pleasure, in Urbana IL in 1968, when our lives were about to shift unimaginably.


Tod und Verklärung

April 18, 2020

Yesterday’s Wayno/Piraro Bizarro takes a literary and anatomical turn:

(#1) literary: Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” / anatomical: the uvula, a tissue structure in the oral cavity (relevant here because of its involvement in snoring)

To make the allusions even denser, on his Facebook page, Wayno supplied the title “Mystery and Respiration” for #1, echoing the Paschal [that is, Easter] Mystery and Resurrection [of Jesus Christ], and alluding to the apparent resurrection of the body buried beneath the floorboards. And then this Death and Resurrection theme led me to Richard Strauss’s tone poem Tod und Verklärung, a secular (but still transcendent) story of death and transfiguration. Meanwhile, “Mystery and Respiration” also, of course, echoes the snoring theme.


Quick shot: no creme for Godzilla

April 18, 2020

Yesterday’s Weekly Humorist cartoon “Missing Something?” by Bob Eckstein:

(#1) In the Godzilla cartoon meme, saurian movie monsters exhibit their famous appetite for pieces of the urban landscape, especially mass transit vehicles

But a bus or train with no passengers inside is like the hollow shell of a chocolate candy, with no nuts, no buttercream, no nougat, no candied cherry, nothing whatsoever in it. Or like the two chocolate biscuits of an Oreo cookie just rubbing together, with no creme filling.


Quick shot: a job title

April 17, 2020

Background: MSNBC now has a regular feature with a report from Dr. Calvin Sun, a native New Yorker who works as an ER doc in NYC, going to a different hospital each day, filling in wherever he’s needed; on MSNBC, he describes the situation at the ER of the day.

Dr. Sun on tv: earnest, passionate, compassionate, and terribly, terribly weary

Above, I used the familiar, everyday English job title for Dr. Sun: he’s an ER / E.R. doctor, ER doc for short. The formal job title is emergency physician (who practices emergency medicine, in an emergency department).

Meanwhile, I didn’t know any AmE name for a physician who filled in for other doctors as needed.


Quick shot: the SGT penguin doodle

April 16, 2020

In a rambling on-line discussion involving Sally Thomason (Sarah Grey Thomason), someone mentioned Sally’s famous doodles, and I remarked that the penguin doodle she’d done for me had — pout — faded terribly in its frame over 30 years or so. So she committed to producing a new, bright (and, as it turned out, differently styled) version for me. Which arrived today, and now awaits my finding a frame for it. Spheniscid art day on Ramona St.!

The original penguin, improved by digital manipulations as much as I could:

(#1) Old Pingo; my recollection was that he was drawn in dark purple (purple being one of my colors), but the framed drawing now suggests black faded to dark gray


The Grim Mouser

April 16, 2020

The 4/13 Rhymes With Orange brings us the Grim Reaper and his cats (we know from Terry Pratchett that Death is fond of cats):


We don’t know if this Grim Reaper is a general operator, reaping souls of many creatures, including mice; or whether this one is a specialist in mice — perhaps of a tribe, or race, of Grim Mousers; or of a professional guild of them. (See below, on the Death of Rats.)


The labors of Corónsyphùs

April 13, 2020

Bob Eckstein today in Wired:

(#1) The Sísyphùs of the corónavìrus, always at his labors

A natural cartoon idea, which many have latched onto.


What’s on YOUR shelf?

April 13, 2020

The bon appétit magazine mailing that came to me today: “Where to Order Your Favorite Pantry Staples Online: Your local grocery store is out of flour. The internet isn’t” by mackenzie fegan on 4/8/20:

(#1) An array of specialty staples to get you through sheltering in place


The 5,000 Garlic Fingers of PEI

April 12, 2020

As we all muddle through in these tough times, an old friend writes from Prince Edward Island (yes, that’s important), “Tasty as it is, I’m a little tired of eating my own cooking, I ordered a pizza and garlic fingers.” And those garlic fingers take us into the annals of regional food, in this case Atlantic Canada.

(#1) A pie of garlic fingers


Easter eggs 2020.2: The homoerotic egg hunt

April 10, 2020

The second of two entertaining Easter egg postings on material that came in my mail today. Ee2020.1 (“Mussorgsky chicken with crocuses”) was sweet and playful; this one is raunchy and homoerotic (NOTE: warning for kids and the sexually modest). There’s a lot you can do with eggs.

The centerpiece is this remarkably homo-heavy ad for a Daily Jocks sale (involving extra price savings if you find an Easter egg in the catalogue for the sale); I’ve cropped details about the sale (but nothing crucial about the model):