Bizarro symbols

What, readers ask, are those odd symbols (a piece of pie, an eyeball, a stick of dynamite, a space alien, etc.) that crop up in Bizarro cartoons?

This is just one of cartoonist Don Piraro’s things, a little game he plays with his readers: some number of “secret symbols” are salted in almost all his cartoons (they have nothing to do with the actual content of the cartoon), and then their number is noted in the cartoon, just above Piraro’s signature.

An inventory of the secret symbols can be found on the Bizarro site, here.

2 Responses to “Bizarro symbols”

  1. Julian Lander Says:

    A tribute to Hirschfeld’s “Nina”s (no, I don’t know how to pluralize that)?

  2. Joel B Levin Says:

    The URL has changed — it’s now . I had to check again because in today’s cartoon at I couldn’t recognize the inverted bird under the shrink.

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