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Two more mornings

March 14, 2015

Two more morning names: yesterday, Robin Wright; today, the plant photinia.


Peter Sarsgaard, Harold in Italy

March 3, 2015

Two unrelated morning names today: the actor Peter Sarsgaard, the Berlioz symphony Harold en Italie.


Local pronunciations

February 28, 2015

Two notes on the pronunciation of proper names: on the city of Bangor ME and on the actor Ryan Phillippe.


Cops and DAs

February 24, 2015

(About performances rather than language.)

Another note from the Oscars: on J.K. Simmons, who got an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (in Whiplash) I recognized him immediately as a regular on two different tv crime drama: as Dr. Emil Skoda, a police psychiatrist, who has appeared on three of the four incarnations of Law & Order; and as Will Pope, Assistant Chief of the LAPD, in The Closer.

I then reflected on the casting of these shows, and the enormous number of actors they consume — as regulars (playing cops, district attorneys, medical examiners, crime lab staff, defense attorneys, and judges) and in one-shot performances (as victims, suspects, witnesses, family members, etc.).

The one-shots are often well-known actors playing parts that run against their usual roles: recently in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit re-runs, dark roles for Dean Cain (Superman!) and comedienne Carol Burnett.

The regulars are also not infrequently recruited from successful careers of very different natures. To come: a number of tv cops and a couple district attorneys of this sort.


Two more morning names

February 6, 2015

Thursday’s memorable morning name was Mitzi Kapture (the actress), Friday’s was Piggly Wiggly (the supermarket).


Bobby Cannavale

January 11, 2015

(Not about language, but about acting.)

Caught twice in re-runs of Law & Order episodes recently, the engaging and versatile actor Bobby Cannavale, seen below looking steamy:



Jeff Goldblum

December 6, 2014

(Not a death notice, but an appreciation.)

An old Law & Order: Criminal Intent went by me this morning, with the tall (6′ 4″) and versatile actor Jeff Goldblum in the role of Detective Zach Nichols. And that brought me to a wonderful GE commercial starring Goldblum that I had somehow missed. Goldblum, shirtless, and with big hair.


Mel Blanc

October 25, 2014

Today’s Zippy, a tribute to actor Mel Blanc:

Lots of linguistic interest (not to mention humor) in Blanc.


Bromantics: Pine and Quinto, Kirk and Spock

October 4, 2014

(The second item on male homosexuality, gay-straight relations, acting, and the male body — following “Homage to Marky / Mark”. Very little of linguistic interest. Steamy, but not X-rated, images.)

I start with this intense (but fully clothed) photo of actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto (sent to me by Chris Ambidge), one of a considerable number of images of this bromantic couple:


Whew! Who knew that belt loops could be so hot?

That’s Pine (the straight bro) on the left, Quinto (the gay bro) on the right.


Homage to Marky / Mark

October 4, 2014

(The first of two postings with vanishingly little linguistic comment, but plenty of appreciation of male bodies, plus material on the projection of sexuality in photographs. Not technically X-rated, but certainly steamy, so you might want to use your judgment in viewing these postings.)

First, Nick Jonas paying homage (in Flaunt magazine) to the boy-band star and original Underwear God Marky Mark / Mark Wahlberg (hereafter, MM), in this photographic homage to MM’s famous Calvin Klein photos — crotch-grabbing, abs-displaying, flagrantly challenging, and homoerotic all at once.


He’s pulled his jeans down just for us!