From the annals of commerce: Doggie and Whippy do it in a leather bar

(This is obviously going to go where no kids or sexually modest people should go, and it’s going to get there fast.)

The commercial names Doggie Diner and Mr. Whippy, both surely conceived in all innocence, but, to the prepared mind, easily evoking sexual images (as it happens, my mind is prepared for man-on-man sexual images, so that’s where I’m inclined to go): the doggie / doggy position for anal intercourse; and a leatherman master whipping a leatherman slave.

In the fantasy of my title, master / dom / daddy Whippy (wielding his lash) dog-fucks his slave / sub / boy Doggie raw in a leather bar. I managed to find an image that incorporates a lot of the crucial elements, though it lacks the whip and the bar setting (instead, we get a domestic sexroom, with, among other things, a shrine to anal sextoys):

(#1) Two solid stocky men in leathers and tats, sharply differentiated as dom and sub (a still from a full porn episode I found on an aggregation site, which unfortunately provides no identifying information of any kind); the sub is in the doggy position, facing down, legs spread, up on his knees so that his ass is in the air for his fucker; in this variant his upper body is also raised (usually achieved by getting up on the elbows, but here up on his hands), a position that frees the bottom up so that that he can push back against his fucker, driving his top’s dick deeper into his body

Doggie. First, the character. Who — as we experience him in Zippy the Pinhead strips — is literally a talking head. From my 12/27/13 posting “Doggie Diner”, this strip:


plus material on the repeated character in Zippy comics and on the fast food restaurant chain in the San Francisco Bay Area, with its fiberglass dachshund-head mascot Doggie — which, of course, brings with it the whiff of the doggie / doggie-style / doggie-fashon position for sexual intercourse (anal or vaginal).

More recently, in this 8/26/21 strip:


Then, the sex position. From my 6/16/22 posting “prone, doggy, intimate, intense”, this depiction of a classic man-on-man doggy-fuck:

(#4) Bottom faced down, legs spread, ass up (check out the sweet-and-hot hand action: the top is steadying himself on his bottom’s hips, but also holding him affectionately; the bottom has reached one hand behind him to grasp his top’s thigh and press his top’s body firmly into his own

[Lexical digressions. Though the “prone, doggy, …” posting was about the prone and doggy sex positions in a narrow sense (which for doggy means sticking closely to the imagery of a male dog fucking a lordotic bitch), even the most cursory sampling of material on the net reveals that everyday usage extends the doggy / doggie label not only to the very similar prone position,  but to all rear-entry / out-facing (vs. missionary / in-facing) fucking, even in positions that no dogs ever fucked in, as here:

(#5) “Flexible and striking Japanese guy gets fucked in doggy style at Japanese Whores” [] — to be fair, the encounter starts out with standard doggy-fucking

The relevant entries from GDoS (which seem to have been assembled separately from whatever materials Green had in his files and not at all integrated with one another, but you can at least get some feel for the range of usages):

n. dogfuck: … 2 sexual intercourse in which entry is made from the rear

v. dogfuck, doggie-fuck, doggy, doggy-fuck: to have rear-entry or anal intercourse

adv. doggy fashion, dog fashon, doggie fashion: used to describe a way of having sexual intercourse in which entry is made from the rear; thus dog position n., sexual intercourse in this position

adv. doggy style, doggie style, doggy, dog style: used to describe sexual intercourse in the rear-entry position

Whippy. On the heels of the Zippy strip in #3 came a 8/28/21 Facebook posting by Jeff Shaumeyer, with this photo he took in Chincoteague VA on 9/2/19:

(#6) Strumming my pain with his fingers / Singing my life with his words / Whipping me softly with custard / Whipping me softly with ice cream

Well, there’s the standard ice-cream cone as phallic symbol; and ice cream, but especially soft serve, as symbolic cream ‘semen, cum’ — but Jeff found the whips noteworthy and was entertained by the idea.

Ok, first, the confection. On soft serve, in two previous postings:

— in my 12/21/12 posting “Soft serve”:

Soft serve differs from (prototypical) ice cream in three ways: it is lower in milk fat; it is produced at a substantially lower temperature; and it (usually) contains significant amounts of air, introduced [by mechanized whipping] at the time of freezing.

— in my 2/7/16 posting “Tastee days”:

Commercial names: avoiding ice cream. Ordinary people think of soft-serve / soft serve as just a kind of ice creamsoft-serve ice cream, if you need to be specific. The companies that make the stuff are mostly much more cautious about naming their product, because of legal restrictions (in various jurisdictions) as to what can be labeled ice cream (it’s a dairy industry thing): not enough milk-fat (less fat, more air).

So the names of the firms and their products generally avoid ice cream, though dairy is ok, and of course freez(e) and the truncated soft serve. The first two firms: Carvel and Dairy Queen. Then, in no particular order: Dole Soft Serve, Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit, Tastee-Freez, Foster’s Freeze.

Then specifically on Mr. Whippy. From the company site, dreamily:

What started as a little custard stand on Chincoteague Island, VA, back in the mid 1950’s, when you could buy an ice cream cone for a nickel, is still continuing today.

It was a new beginning in the world of soft serve ice cream when Mr. Lee Savage of Chincoteague opened a little ice cream shop behind his house called the Dari Dream, which he and his wife worked together. They would open the last day of school and give away free ice cream to all the school kids. Ms. Savage would sit in her house and wait for someone to go to the shop for ice cream. She would walk out there every time somebody pulled up. They must have made a hundred trips a day to that little shop.  After a few years of business, he decided to expand and purchase about a dozen 1971 Morrison Vans from England.

When Mr. Savage returned to the island with the trucks, he began hiring drivers to cover areas 12/21/12 “Soft serve”from Cape Charles to Ocean City during the summer months. Although the name of the shop was Dari Dream, the name on the trucks was Mister Whippy. The trucks would ride through the neighborhoods and as the music played, the kids would run and get their money for a cool, refreshing treat.

(#7) The shop today, in its wider context

And, finally, the fetish sex, with whips. What the name Mr. Whippy suggested to Jeff Shaumeyer and me both was something like this:

(#8) Leatherman Whip poster, designed and sold by suz-cat on Redbubble: Master Whippy, you might say

With actual bodies, in a gay S&M scene, with a slave being flogged savagely front and rear by two masters  — by M&Ms, as it were:

(#9) See my 4/11/22 posting “This is gonna hurt, bro” on the HARP fundamentals of BDSM encounters — humiliation, (verbal) abuse, restraint, pain — and their rewards for the sub / boy / slave, with extended discussion of pain

Dubious commercial names. To me, Doggie Diner sounds like the name of a gay sex club where I could go to get fucked like the bitch I am, meanwhile ordering up a tuna melt or a grilled cheese sandwich, with a damn fine cup of coffee and a piece of cherry pie (sounds great to me); and Mr. Whippy like a House of Pain, maybe a notch below the level in #9, but with a lot of jizz and some light entertainment, like go-go boys in black leather. But I understand that my imagination here is idiosyncratic, and that few others would find these establishments’ names notable in any way — just cute cartoonish dogs and soft, whipped dairy confections — much less evocative of ass-fucking and flogging.

It’s like Dick’s Sporting Goods (company site here), founded in 1948 by Dick Stack, now with over 850 stores. It will get the occasional snicker, but Dick is a very common name, no more remarkable in itself than Tom or Harry, so we live with its very faintly off-color resonance.

There are, however, truly dubious commercial names, deliberately chosen for their double-entendre wink-wink nudge-nudge value.  See my 3/22/16 posting “The dubious commercial names files” for some notable examples — the Hand Job Nails & Spa, the Eat It Raw: Half Shell raw bar — plus a few cases that might merely have been (in some contexts) unwisely chosen names: Pink Taco for a restaurant; and Tube Steak for a hot-dog stand. (A lot depends on the audience and other aspects of the context, of course.)

Bonus: the Easter egg in #6. From Wikipedia:

“Killing Me Softly with His Song” is a song composed by Charles Fox with lyrics by Norman Gimbel. The lyrics were written in collaboration with Lori Lieberman after she was inspired by a Don McLean performance in late 1971. Denied writing credit by Fox and Gimbel, Lieberman released her version of the song in 1972, but it did not chart. The song has been covered by many other artists.

In 1973 it became a number-one hit in the United States, Australia and Canada for Roberta Flack

The relevant bit of the original:

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song

I left the pain of the first two lines as is, but altered the last two lines to get in some whipping and dairy products:

Whipping me softly with custard
Whipping me softly with ice cream

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