Hot Dad 4 U

(This posting manages to (barely) skirt male genitals and man-on-man sex, without (almost any) street speech or explicit images, but the topic is daddy fantasies in gay porn, so it will not be to everyone’s taste)

For Memorial Day (and other American patriotic holidays), ads for gay porn play to fantasies of military men, while for Fathers Day, coming up rapidly (this Sunday, 6/18), they play to daddy fantasies (see the Page on this blog about my postings on Daddy-Boy encounters and DILFs, on the sexualization and various ritualizations of the father-son roles). With luck, pretty much the same material can serve for both holidays, as in the case of Papi Kocic (with his heavily loaded porn name) in’s Norse Fuckers, who did ad duty on Memorial Day (in an ad for a porn emporium’s Memorial Day sale; see  my 5/29/23 posting “Hordes of Norsemen insert themselves into a national holiday”) playing a military leader; and now appears in a porn-sale ad for Fathers Day in his guise as a hot daddy:

(#1) The ad, with genitals concealed (for WordPress modesty) and ad copy suppressed (so we can focus on the image and the porn-purveyors’ sentiment “We ❤️ Hot Dads!”)

For the space freed up by these elisions, I provide a (wry) free-verse tribute to this particular Daddy:


Who could resist that pelt? You must submit and offer yourself.

On the scene in the Memorial Day ads, from my “Hordes of Norsemen” posting, a scene

showing a servant boy, the aggressively receptive (blonder, younger) Dean Young, taking it … from the King of the Norsemen, the aggressively insertive (dark-haired, older) Papi Kocic, in the Asian cowboy position …, on a Norse banquet table littered with feastings of manly meats, sweets, and fruits.

The scene is both thoroughly ridiculous and urgently hot.

The image in #1 would be an entirely conventional sexual display of masculine power, used in the the sexual realm in everything from stud-hustler poses to gay-porn ad shots, except for that seductively sensual pelt. You’re invited to stroke it, as you would his hair, his chest, his crotch. You’re invited to smell its animal scent, as you would the sex-sweat on his body.

And yes, it is also silly.

A parallel image of masculine sexual power, but without the seductiveness, in a totally different domain (encountered by accident this morning on Pinterest): from the League of Extraordinary Comics site on Tumblr, an image of the DC Comics superhero Aquaman by Markovah:


On Aquaman and his history, in comics and on tv and in the movies, see the Aquaman section in my 10/28/21 posting “His fathers’ powers”.

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