The faces of a baker’s dozen fcleffings

(solidly about men’s bodies and man-on-man sex, in street language, so entirely unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest)

For the background, I return to two postings on this blog from July 2022:

from 7/3/22, “Smiles of the summer days”, about a sexual encounter between Cocky Boys Levi Karter and Blake Mitchell that exemplifies a common trope of gay male porn combining a facial component — two faces pleasurably engaged with one another (in what I’ll call facial coupling) — and a groin-buttocks component — a back-on-front sit-fuck (what I’ll call a lap fuck, aka Reverse Cowboy):

(#1) 1 ONE-SIDED interaction: R[eceptive] Levi Carter, I[nsertive] Blake Mitchell)

from 7/5/22,  “The reverse of me”, about gay pornstar Zach Astor, with X-rated images in an AZBlogX posting of 7/5/22, “Zach Astor”: ZA engaged in such an encounter with Tannor Reed:

(#2) 2 ONE-SIDED interaction: I Zach Astor, R Tannor Reed

From these two encounters I’ve extracted the images of the facial coupling — performances of intimacy, of intense connection between men — and now expand this sampling of 2 to 13 such images, from various sources, showing the variety in the interactions between R and I:

EYES CLOSED: faces engaged, aligned towards one another, but with both partners’ eyes closed in ecstasy

ONE-SIDED engagement, faces aligned towards one another, but with one partner’s eyes closed in ecstasy

EYE-TO-EYE: exchange of gazes



From the 7/3/22 “Smiles” posting.

To celebrate high summer, my male-calendar pages for the month of July, both featuring smiles: a smile of callipygian appreciation in a Tom of Finland drawing; a subtle half-smile on the face of Cocky Boy Levi Karter — which led quickly to a photo of a sexual encounter between Mr. July Karter and Mr. June Blake Mitchell that exemplifies a common trope of gay male porn (which cries out for a name), [facial coupling combinined with a lap fuck].

In real life, a lap fuck is really uncomfortable for both men — but this is the performance of a fantasy, pulled off pretty much flawlessly by Karter and Mitchell.

Focus on just the faces, showing the close affectionate and pleasurable bond between the characters [in 1 above]:

And now on facial coupling lap-fucks as a trope in gay porn, [with background] from previous postings on this blog:

— from my 10/5/18 posting “Another ubertwink”, about Liam Riley, including in relation to his CockyBoys stablemate and [real-life] buddy Karter —

Levi [Karter] and Liam [Riley], Levis and lace, (more) butch and (more) femme, twink and near-twink ([Levi with] more muscles, swimmer body type [also unshaved armpits]). Both playful, affectionate, and (professionally) adorable. And competitors in the Ace Ass department. [AZ: Levi is the more butch of the two, but is scarcely butch from the point of view of normative gender; for one thing, he’s got an immediately recognizable gay voice (which I find adorable, but then that’s just me), and the actor who plays him has had it since childhood]

frommy 3/28/20 posting“Reading faces”:

In a number of my gay porn examples, the facial expressions are pretty much inscrutable if you don’t have a lot of context. There are a fair number in which you’re shown what appears to be two guys having an intense friendly conversation while embracing each other, but then it turns out that they’re in mid-fuck, with one of them impaled on the other’s cock. Or you simply can’t figure out what the relationship is like, except that they are heavily into a fuck.

(#3) R Levi Karter, I Arad WinWin; comment in “Smiles”: “Damned if I know how to read those expressions, but it’s entertaining to imagine captions. Certainly a scene of some drama.”

[In the image of this encounter from my 13 exemplars:]

(#4) 3 ONE-SIDED: R Levi Karter, I Arad WinWin; note Karter’s open-mouthed smile of pleasure

— from my 3/13/21 posting “Pornstars do this so you don’t have to”, about visually satisfying sexual acts that require considerable agility in performance (as the lap fuck does):

It started with a mailing yesterday from the NakedSword gay porn folks, advertising the 2021 flick Lake Need, with a reproduction of the DVD cover, on which Johnny Rapid, Jesse Bolton, and Cyrus Stack together perform a complex sex act (69spitroasting) that requires considerable athleticism and agility. The three men carry it off as an aesthetically satisfying arrangement of bodies — until you think about whether you could do it yourself, and realize that this is something much better left to the professionals.

That led me back to an earlier period of Johnny Rapid’s porn career, which included a flick in which he engaged in an equally challenging two-man sex act (Flying Cowboy) with Rafael Alencar, an act that’s both beautiful to look at and deeply intimate, tremendously sexy. But it’s really not something to try at home — again, it’s much better left to the pros.

I put the two images together in an AZBlogX posting “Johnny Rapid” today, which led one of my LiveJournal readers to judge that:

The positions assumed in both of those photos look uncomfortable to the point of impossible.Well, yes, but that’s what we pay Johnny Rapid and his brothers in porn for. They do it — they realize physically challenging sexual fantasies — so we don’t have to.

— from my 8/25/21 posting “Sexual notes from 6/5”: material on Reverse Cowboy, with the [receptive] kneeling in #2 there, standing in #4, squatting in #6 — but not lying back in the [insertive]’s arms

— from my 2/2/22 posting “2/2/22”, in which the facial coupling goes all the way to a kiss:

(#5) 4 KISS: R Steve Cruz, I Damien Crosse; from the “2/2/22” posting: “hard-core sodomy with a pink umbrella of osculation in it”

From the 7/5/22 posting “The reverse of me”.

[in (#2) above,] we see ZA and Tannor Reed, engaged in a facial coupling lap fuck (yes, yes, the fclf really needs a snappier name; see below!), surveyed in my 7/3/22 posting “Smiles of the summer days”

what to call the facial coupling lap fuck. On the two-component act, see my 7/3/22 posting.

[To recap: on the top, an affective connection, a connection via gaze, the exchange of facial expressions, and kissing; on the bottom, a carnal connection, a fuck, specifically a variant of Reverse Cowboy, with body against body, in each other’s embrace.]

The full visual trope is common in gay porn, because that’s where we get lap fucks (while facial coupling is all over the place in art, photography, and film). But no one could love that label, even if it does unpack to an abbreviated description of the act; as I said above, “yes, yes, the fclf really needs a snappier name”.

Ah, a moment of inspiration exploded when I typed the initialistic abbreviation fclf: ooh, ooh, that looks like f clef / f-clef, that is F clef / F-clef. Or [a bass clef in musical notation]

… So I suggest f-clef [or, more compactly, fclef] as a noun referring to the act (with the syntax of the sexual noun fuck), and also as a verb (with the syntax of the sexual verb fuck), as in

What you need, buddy, is a good f-clef.

Tim and Tom were f-cleffing on a bench in the waiting room; they were so into one another they didn’t even notice the gawkers passing by.

I dreamed I was f-cleffed by [gay pornstar] Angel Rivera, and woke up with cum in my pants and a smile on my face.

Nine more fcleffings. In no particular order, from various sources, not all of which I can fully identify now.

— from a Falcon Studios e-mail ad of 7/13/22 for Bel Ami’s Every Which Way:

(#6) 5 EYE-TO-EYE: Czech actors, I and R

— British superstar and uberbottom Ashley Ryder in a flick I haven’t identified, paired with a scruffy, spiky-haired partner:

(#7) 6 EYE-TO-EYE: R Ashley Ryder, I unidentified

— from the CockyBoys 2020 DVD Lips Together, Six Feet Apart (reported on in my 6/4/21 posting “Fox and friends I”:

(#8) 7 ONE-SIDED: I Angel Rivera, R Sean Ford; Ford in open-mouthed ecstasy

— from Next Door Male’s Christening the Couch (2021) (reported on in my 12/27/21 posting “The steamy side of Santaland”):

(#9) 8 ONE-SIDED: I Dacotah Red, R Dakota Payne

— from the NakedSword flick Boyfriends 2 (reported on in my 12/13/15 posting “Boyfriends”: “Over on AZBlogX, a piece on gay pornstars Sean Duran and Nick Cross, who are boyfriends”):

(#10) EYES CLOSED: R Sean Duran, I Nick Cross; Duran in open-mouthed ecstasy

— from Titan Men’s Extra Firm (reported on in my 2/22/13 posting on AZBlogZ, “Dario Beck fucked four ways”):

(#11) 10 EYES CLOSED: I Colby White, R Dario Beck; both open-mouthed ecstatic, Beck with the intense pleasure that looks like a grimace of pain

— from a steamy encounter in a mensroom, in a porn flick I can no longer identify:

(#12) 11 ABOUT TO KISS: happy tearoom boys, I and R, not identified

— from a fuck at the edge of the bed, again in a porn flick I can no longer identify:

(#13) 12 EYE-TO-EYE, hunky young R and I; but both are in open-mouthed ecstasy, with their eyes just barely open

— from another fuck in bed, one more porn flick I can no longer identify:

(#14) 13 EYE-TO-EYE, hunky young I and R, but not the same ones as in 12; R, in open-mouthed ecstasy, barely has his eyes open

These are static and silent images, while actual sexual connections unfold in time, to an accompaniment of vocalization and verbalization. Whenever I’ve been able to view the videos, they’re all structured around EYE-TO-EYE contact, and most show great care on the part of both participants to provide satisfaction for their partners; they show very hot, often rapturous, sex performed with loving care and regard, often in the context of intimate talk between the men, accompanied by kissing.

So the facial coupling portion of these performances presents short-form same-sex love stories for the viewing audience. Meanwhile, the lap fuck portion offers a maximum view of I’s big hard cock plunging into R’s warm wet asshole, plus the bonus of R’s own hard cock, right there in the middle of the action.

These two effects are at odds physically, leading to discomfort for both participants; each effect can be managed separately with great satisfaction through various other positions for fucking, but managing them simultaneously while projecting great pleasure requires considerable skill.

In my own porn viewing, I’m happy to have the two effects disengaged and depicted separately. And I value facial expressions and intimate connection very highly, so I treasure facial coupling on its own. But I understand that these are just my priorities, and in any case I appreciate the fantasy of fcleffing, in which you can imagine that you’re having it all at once.

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