The steamy side of Santaland

(Well, yes, men’s bodies and man-on-man sex, discussed analytically but in very plain language, with photos, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Extracted from the Titan e-mail ad for the gay porn studio’s Christmas sale for this year, a pair of naked naughty boys making (two very different) sex faces for their audience:

(#1) In the red cap, with a knowing half-smile and the narrowed eyes of intense focus, Princeton Price as Santa; paired with Dakota Payne, who’s flashing a sultry, seductive wide-eyed gaze

Payne’s head is tilted down some, in deference to his lover. In fact, their bodies are aligned to display Price as sexually in charge and Payne as serving him: Payne as b to Price’s t (on b/t roles, see the inventory of my postings on the subject on this blog).

This is a p.r. shot for a specific porn flick under the Titan aegis, Naughty Santa (from Next Door Male, released just four days ago). The cover for the DVD, now with Payne embracing Price — while at the lower periphery of the image, Price has a proprietary hand on Payne’s hip, claiming Payne’s ass as his to use.


Which is what happens in their scene from the flick: Payne gets fucked by Price. As you can see from #1 and #2, Price’s Santa is not your usual rotund and jolly fellow, but a hot toned stud with a big uncut dick; here he is from the rear in a Next Door Studios p.r. photo:

(#3) Price projects self-assured masculinity, and he’s sexually versatile; the motto of (gay) Pornlandia is Real Men Take It Up the Ass

The Next Door Studios description of Naughty Santa (I’ve added scene numbers in square brackets):

[1] In the Holiday chapter of School of Wizardry, Dacotah Red [whose hair is dark red] convinces his fellow sorcerer Elliot Finn to stop studying hexes and spells and come have a little fun. Therefore a whole different battle of the wands ensues. [2] Dakota Payne and Dacotah Red have more in common than just their names. This cute couple can’t wait to move into their new apartment and fuck on every flat surface. [3] It’s the holiday season at the North Pole, but Santa (Princeton Price) is anything but merry about the way things are going. Luckily, Christmas has ‘cum’ early for old St. Nick, in the form of a really big package under his tree, and if Dakota Payne is lucky, Santa will find his pluck and remember how to deliver the goods. [4] Daniel Greene and Elliot Finn, who have been in quarantine for many months talk about the things they miss. They decide to act on their impulses and relive the fun times together.

Christening the Couch. As it happens, Red and Payne’s scene (#2) from Naughty Santa was released earlier this year by Next Door Male, as Christening the Couch, without any Christmas content at all. I watched it with great pleasure yesterday, as a Boxing Day treat.

A cropped version of the DVD cover:

(#4) In character as two buddies joyously in love and committed to breaking in their new couch by flip-fucking; what’s cropped is the way-XXX portion of one of their (many) fucks, a challenging Reverse Asian Cowboy (Payne riding Red’s dick), more on which below

Their coupling is about as equal as relationships get, both in emotional tone and in roles during their sexual encounter; it’s also full of affection (they just can’t keep from kissing one another), playfulness, and out-and-out joy. The guys are just adorable. Also satisfyingly deranged with desire for one another, which plays out in each man’s going back and forth between displaying a driving urge to fuck and an aching need to get fucked. (Also plays out in the men’s increasingly sweaty dishevelment; Payne, in particular, just loses control of his hair, which flies about wildly during their sex. I found this both realistic and endearing.)

The lead-in to the fucking builds through lots of buddy-talk, interspersed with kissing and increasingly intense foreplay. Which is to say that the actors have to do a lot of realistic acting, in addition to their sexual performances.

Meanwhile, the actors playing the two buddies need to have the physical strength, agility, and stamina to supply the requisite shots of engorged cocks maximally displayed during man-on-man sex. Remember: porn actors perform these acts on film for us so that we don’t have to, but can nevertheless experience them imaginatively.

christening. From NOAD on the verb christen:

[with object] [a] give (a baby) a Christian name at baptism as a sign of admission to a Christian Church: … [b] give to (someone or something) a name that reflects a notable quality or characteristic … [c] dedicate (a vessel, building, etc.) ceremonially … [d] informal use for the first time: let’s get steaks and christen the new grill.

This lists the subsenses in what is probably the sequence of their semantic development, with sense d — the one in Christening the Couch — last. What a long strange trip it’s been.

Fucking on every flat surface. As the description of Christening the Couch has it. Highlights from Fucking All Over the New Apartment are provided in a “Christening the Couch” posting today on AZBlogX, which leaps right into the deep end of the XXX pool (totally not displayable on WordPress), with Red fucking Payne in Reverse Asian Cowboy style, showing both hard cocks to maximum advantage for the camera. Caption on AZBlogX:

(X#1) Requiring hard work on the part of Payne, as the receptive partner, who has to squat on Red’s cock while maintaining his own full hard-on for the camera; somehow, both of them are visibly enjoying the experience

I should note that Red also fucks Payne in a much easier position, a sweet and moving side-by-side. Reverse Asian Cowboy is pretty much a show-off flourish.

Then, Payne fucking Red. First with Red draped over the armrest of the couch (which is, just barely, displayable here):

(#5) XBlog caption: Now requiring hard work on Red’s part: he’s using a hand on the floor to balance himself while Payne drives his dick into him; despite his facial expression, Red is enjoying the fuck — we know this because he says so, with some passion, during the event

And then in a conventional missionary-style fuck, with Red frogged up to take Payne’s dick (again, just barely displayable here, only because no genitals are visible); by now, both men are sweatily disheveled, and they have moved beyond the new couch to other pieces of furniture:

(#6) XBlog caption: Payne is in fact fucking Red from a standing position, an arrangement that allows him to slide into Red as deeply as possible, while kissing him; Red, meanwhile, has to hold both his head and his legs up — all this looks fabulously hot for us, but again it’s a strenuous balancing act for the two men

Well, there’s more; they fuck their way athletically around their new apartment, laughing and kissing and moaning fuck-appreciation. It’s tremendously hot, it’s sweet, and it’s also funny in its deranged earnestness. (The bits that I’ve viewed of scene #3, Price + Payne, aren’t nearly so impressive; they struck me as awkward and ridiculous. The rest of Naughty Santa I’ve seen only fleeting glances of. But soon I’ll have the whole thing to view.)

For the future. Watching the Christening the Couch scene moved me to reflect (again) on the great variety of emotional meanings that man-on-man fucking can have for the participants, and on how these meanings can be mixed in a single encounter and can shift throughout the course of an encounter. Things I’m merely flagging now, in the hope that I’ll be able to post about them soon.


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  1. Bill Stewart Says:

    Giving me ideas. I’ve been watching “Gold Rush Boys” and “Dangerous” to ogle Mike Braun, but I would love some redhead recommendations.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Oh my, Mike Braun: aside from his appearance, he was a master fellator (a great pleasure to watch him work). He seems to be underappreciated these days, but then maybe I just don’t know where to look. (Don’t think I’ve ever seen all of “Gold Rush Boys” (1983) — for readers, about a male brothel in the Old West — but the premise is a hoot.)

      My redhead files seem to have only Colby Keller and James Jamesson — but then hair color isn’t a thing for me, one way or the other, it just is, so I don’t take special notice of it. But surely there’s a website or group devoted to the appreciation of redheaded men, maybe of redheaded gay men, maybe of redheaded men in gay porn.

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