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Today’s Mother Goose and Grimm, with the POP (phrasal overlap portmanteau) Edgar Allan Po’ Boy = Edgar Allan Poe (the American writer and poet) + po’ boy (the superb New Orleans submarine sandwich):

(#1) Edgar Allan Po’ Boy is a N1 + N2 compound N, understood as having the head, N2, semantically associated with the modifier, N1, by (the referent of) N2’s being named after (the referent of) N1 — parallel to the Woody Allen Sandwich (a tower of corned beef and pastrami) at NYC’s Carnegie Deli

(Plus the allusion to Poe’s poem The RavenQuoth the raven, “Nevermore” — in Grimm’s, “I had it once, but… nevermore”.)

If you were a betting person, you would surely put some money on this MGG strip as not being the first to use this particular POP — of course, that would be fine, it’s all in how you develop the joke — and you would win.

Just on this blog, in Zippy postings from 2016 and a Rhymes With Orange posting in 2017.

Plus bonuses: a texty with a pun turning on the ambiguity of /póbòj/ as either po’ boy or Poe boy; and two cartoons turning on Edgar Allan Poe / Po’ Boy understood as a Source or Ingredient compound (parallel to shrimp po’ boy) — yes, Edgar Allan Poe in a po’ boy, in it, good enough to eat.

Zippy in 2016. In my 1/7/16 posting “Bilkpoe and fractured Stein”, a Zippy strip “with writer Edgar Allan Poe (under the name Elgar Durwin Poboy) crossed with Army Sgt. Bilko from the tv show The Phil Silvers Show (in a mash-up of high culture and pop culture)”:

The names are absurd plays on the writers’ names: Elgar (the English composer Edward Elgar) for EdgarPoboy (for po’boy, the New Orleans submarine sandwich) , and Durwin for Allan (probably an echo of the misnamings the character Endora on the tv show Bewitched came up with for her son-in-law Darrin — Delmore, Darryl, Darwin, Durwood, etc.)

Then in my 1/24/16 posting “More Ravening”, a Zippy strip devoted to Elgar Durwin Poboy.

Rhymes With Orange in 2017. From my 7/18/17 posting “POP with Poe”, a Rhymes With Orange strip with the doggerel “The Edgar Allan Poe Boy”:

Once upon a midnight dreary,
Edgar wasn’t thinking clearly,
“Give me raven, lettuce and tomato,
hold the mustard, extra mayo.”

plus material on po’ boys / po’boys

An Edgar POP bonus. In my 5/15/20 posting “Edgar Allan Wrench”, a Bizarro cartoon with the POP of the title: = Edgar Allan + Allen wrench.

A texty bonus.Texties are cartoon-like compositions in which a pictorial component is entirely absent or merely decorative, not essential to the point of the composition — in effect, words-only cartoons; they can be intended as humor, like gag cartoons, or as serious commentary, like political cartoons. This one turns on the ambiguity of /póbòj/ — either po’ boy or Poe boy:

(#2) Zazzle shirt design by Funny Shirt — one of many designs on this text, from various sources; this one’s my favorite

A Source / Ingredient bonus. Two cartoons (the second a photoon), both from Reddit postings (and both incorporating a raven), turning on Edgar Allan Poe / Po’ Boy understood as a Source or Ingredient compound, thus exploiting  the well-known multiplicity of understandings for N1 + N2 according to the semantic relationship between (the referents of) head N2 and modifier N1: contrast Source / Ingredient lobster po’ boy with

Metairie po’ boy (New Orleans suburb of Metairie), Mitch Landrieu po’ boy (former New Orleans mayor Landrieu), NOLA po’ boy (NOLA restaurant in Palo Alto), foodie po’ boy, time-sink po’ boy, old-time po’ boy, and so on.

Plus an endless number of distant compounds, requiring interpretation in a rich discourse context, like Superdome po’ boy understood as referring to a po’ boy like the ones we used to get at that stand next to the New Orleans Superdome.

(#3) Posted by u/drummerchuk77 7 years ago (yes, Allan mis-spelled as Allen; that happens a lot); the roll is a specially made New Orleans French bread

(#4) Posted by u/forceduse 8 years ago (that is one gigantic roll)


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