Comes in /perz/

A very much not-dead-yet posting to hold this space while I cope with an avalanche of posting material, plus my suddenly much improved medical condition (which is totally exhilarating). In any case, an old One Big Happy cartoon (originally from 9/4/14) in which Ruthie asks her defiantly working-class neighbor James to name something that comes in pairs, but James hears the homophone pears (both nouns pronounced /perz/ in my variety of English) and just can’t get shift his perspective:

Note James’s multiply non-standard negative existential construction in his ain’t no shoes

A brief report to Elizabeth Daingfield Zwicky in the dark of night (edited and much amended here)

A truly wonderful morning, after a long (4 pm to 2:15 am) satisfying (and completely mess-free) sleep. Washed up and back in briefs rather than an adult diaper. Blood pressure too low (90/55 at 4:50 am, after breakfast, so I was drastically dizzy and light-headed, but ingestion of salt in various forms got it up to 103/55 at 6:30 am — still too low, but not pass-dead-out low —  so I’m doing everything very slowly and carefully. Nevertheless, I’m managing to do a lot, with great pleasure. Even my banged-up right toe is healing fast.

I am truly delighted to have been given this day.

I then spent lots of time going through the latest — in print on 7/3 — issue of The New Yorker, which contained a truly remarkable and utterly appalling story (pretty much tailored for me as a fan and student of the human penis, not to mention as the contented possessor of a much-treasured little one) by Ava Kofman on the perils and promises of penis-enlargement surgery (via an implanted device called the Penuma). Stay tuned for a posting.

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