For Boxing / St. Stephen’s Day

Two things: Christmas dinner the day before, with a muzzled French dessert; and seasonal decoration by a callipygian young man wearing a big grin and virtually nothing else. (Warning: racy stuff in this second section, not to everyone’s taste.)

Fido la Bouche. Tim Evanson, reporting on Facebook about the Christmas dinner he had:

beef tenderloin for dinner, and Bouche de Noel for dessert

The visual for the dessert:


My snarky commentary:

Looks like a bûche de Noël / (anglicized) buche de Noel, a (figurative) Yule log, but maybe you see it as a bouche, a mouth or muzzle; I realize that there’s enormous variety in Christmas traditions. Perhaps this represents the snout of the Holy Feral Dog, St. Stephen’s companion and protector in the snow.

(Yes, I freely conflate the semi-mythical Saints Stephen and Wenceslaus. My Saint Stephen was stoned to death by his younger brother out of envy for Stephen’s extraordinary public goodness, leaving only the Holy Feral Dog to mourn at his grave. Look, my story is as likely to be true as anything you’ve been told, so I’m sticking to it.)

King of the Boxboys. The Boxing Day sale ad from Daily Jocks:


As I wrote to a friend in need of pleasant diversion yesterday (slightly edited):

It’s my all-time favorite in the genre, and Daily Jocks uses it year after year. That wonderful goofy grin, that fabulous ass, those long muscular legs, in an underwear-company ad that has him entirely innocent of underwear — stark naked, except for the Santa cap, the knee-length athletic socks (which, I admit, are fabulous), and the tennis shoes. And then there’s the raunchy play on box, but then wink-wink nudge-nudge boxboys are pretty much standard this time of year.

But he needs a name. Maybe B.B. King.

On boxboys, from my 12/29/15 posting “boxboys and transitive bottoming”, about this ad for a Christmas sale on gay porn:


#2 and #3 play on box used for both for the male genitalia (as an alternative to package, basket, junk, sack, etc.) and for the male anus as a sexual organ (hence boxboy as an alternative to bottom boy, pussyboy, etc.).

3 Responses to “For Boxing / St. Stephen’s Day”

  1. J B Levin Says:

    Don’t forget the song (and Saturday Night Live sketch), all described at .

  2. Robert Coren Says:

    I saw a reference to a “bouche de noel” in a food-oriented FB group, and, with some difficulty, sat on my hands.

    Since Wenceslaus looked out “on the Feast of Stephen”, presumably St. Stephen must have preceded him.

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