Brief bulletins: the world of men, some medical news

Glanced at a screen from my iPhotos — the album men-general — and saw a six-photo survey snapshot of the world of men, which amused me. I’ll share this with you, and then use the occasion to give you a bulletin on my medical conditions, an encouraging Christmas-gift bulletin. So: there are two brief parts, and you can read them both, or pick either one.

The six-photo display.

the psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, the actor Peter Cushing, the actor James Franciscus, the cartoonist Charles Schulz, Harvey Milk and mayor George Moscone at a San Francisco supervisors’ meeting,  the Boling twins Cory and Calvin (TikTok stars, bodybuilders, and fitness models)

Not, in fact, a representative sample of images of men in my iPhotos, because these are plucked from just one of the five albums specifically devoted to men (the others include men-underwear and men-xxx), plus other albums with many images of men in them (kisses, musicians, dancers, clothing; art, books, cartoonslx & lg, movies & tv; albums of family and friends and, of course, me).

Recent medical news. My last reports included reference to a respiratory virus (nasty head cold, then chest cold), which has passed away, so that, no longer contagious, I have actually had visitors, and will have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Then there were the weeping sores on my legs (initial report in my 12/8 posting “Stick with me, baby!”), which I’ve been treating with elaborate first aid: every day, drying the sites, applying Bacitracin antibiotic ointment to them, and covering them with adhesive surgical dressings, held firmly in place by self-adhering stretch wrap, a truly wonderful medical invention (I got it in an exciting assortment of colors: purple, pink, neon green, etc.). Gradually healing, and today they had dried and were ready to be exposed to the air. And they don’t hurt at all any more. Whee!

And then the industrial-strength narcolepsy, which was triggered by who knows what several weeks ago (initial report in my 11/23 posting “The news from my house”). A warning aura, then essentially passing out, for about two hours, waking to vivid hallucinations, then back into the world. Two or three times a day, which puts a really serious hole in my life.

On Friday, though, only once. Then not at all on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Took an hour’s siesta after lunch today, but without any of the narcolepsy accompaniments, and I felt refreshed and alert when I woke up. (I’ve been able to take refreshing naps for 20 minutes or for an hour since I was a teenager; it’s a kind of meditative state.)

All the other stuff is still there: major dyspnea on exertion, osteoarthritic joint pain, muscle cramps in my hands and arms, ulnar nerve pain, and so on. But I’m used to all that. And now I’m back to that normal, and it feels fabulous.


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  1. Ken Rudolph Says:

    Let’s all make a Boxing Day toast to our favorite linguist for a happy and healthy New Year!

  2. Lise Menn Says:

    So glad some of your afflictions are gone. Happy New Year!

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