Give a banana a head

(In the last section, a simulacrum of male genitals, referred to by a street name, so not to everyone’s taste, also NSFW.)

Give a banana a head, and it will go far.

The memic banana duck. Spread on Facebook, this banana duck image was apparently posted on Reddit in 2021:

(#1) This comes from MemeWorld, so who knows who made this particular image — but given the similarity of the banana fruit to the long neck of a duck, it’s a natural piece of visual play, no doubt taken advantage of by many playful artists over the years

There are Ducknanas in the bottom of my garden. Then this year London Drugs in British Columbia introduced the duck-banana, or Ducknana, resin garden decoration, which became something of a fad there, according to news reports from Vancouver and Victoria:

(#2) At the grocery store

Other similar decorative figures, some quite large, are available from other sources.

Cousin of banana duck [NSFW warning]: the banana dick (available from at least one Etsy supplier):

(#3) An assemblage of banana dicks / dicky bananas; what are they up to?

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    Which reminds me, a friend (whom I will not name here, for obvious reasons) recently sent me (for obscure reasons) a photograph of a partially-eaten banana alongside his dick.

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