Dioramas of Phallusia

More gay home decor, this time from the three penis-oriented dioramas in my bedroom, two of them incorporating recently acquired play figures with prominent dicks in places not provided in nature — see my 12/10 posting “Enhanced phallicity” — so far,  doubly phallic tyrannosauruses, brontosauruses, elephants, and bananas.

Advance warning: simulacra of penises, in considerable abundance. Most of them frankly silly, but they’re indisputably phalloid, and so not to everyone’s taste. Eventually there will also be some references to sex between men.

Further warning. The photos were shot with a minimally adequate camera (in my venerable iPad), in my unsteady hands, and in the drastically poor lighting of my bedroom, so the wretched images can do no more than give you a feel for the dioramas.

Background. The original diorama. In its most recent version, as depicted in my 10/31/21 posting “Superhero action”:

(#1) The Action Three (hyperphallic gay action figures) and their fuzzy mammoths, plus superhero companions

The Action Three — (from left to right above) Army Tyson, Tom of Finland’s Rebel, and Leather Carlos — were the original figures, created specifically to display dicks of superhuman magnitude (and to exploit the stereotypical sexual attractions of working-class Black, white, and Hispanic men, respectively), but in a painful irony, I was obliged to fuzz out their dicks, because WordPress doesn’t condone the display of human penises. (Dildos and simulacra of penises that are not presented as organs of a human body get a pass, however.)

The desk diorama. From a different neighborhood in the Land of Phallusia:

(#2) New to this scene: the four tyrannosaurus figures (in hot pink, neon green, purple, and red) and a small phallic-rooster collage (hiding behind the green tyrannosaur)

In the upper background: two big non-phallic collages of mine from about 30 years ago: one with AZ-related stuff, one with language-related stuff). Images in the lower background: Arnold and Jacques’s wedding-equivalent photo (from February 14th, 1996) and a dick-oriented collage of mine. Plus, from left to right: three ceramic doves (which in our married-triple days, roughly four decades ago, came to stand for Ann, Jacques, and me); a stuffed dragon (in the Chinese astrological calendar, I’m  a dragon; the next Year of the Dragon is 2024); and a large pink dildo (marketed as a Lollicock; see my 9/8/21 posting “My Lollicock has come home!”).

The dresser diorama. And then the third diorama, in front of the big windows (French doors, actually) in my bedroom. In its current version:

(#3) New to this scene: the impudent t-shirt, plus three phalloid figures: two bright yellow Dicky Bananas, two Dickephants (in copper and purple), and three dickhead brontosauruses (which I find just adorable)

On the t-shirt, from my 2/17/20 posting “Preference labels and little pockets”, in a section on FUCK ME t-shirts:

(#4) I especially admire this one: in effect, a growly boast, “I’m a hell of a whore!” (… available in many colors; the purple is my favorite) — the polar opposite of slut-shaming (slut-flaming?)

Then from the existing dresser display: the two mammoths Fey and Butch; and the gay-sex alphabet cubes arranged to spell out F U ARNOLD (which I take to be a wish that I be well and truly pedicated).

On the mammoths. On Fey and Butch, see my 12/18/17 posting “The news for mammoths: toy stories”.

On the alphabet cubes. From my 12/24/19 posting “Hung with care”, about:

the playful and deeply carnal CGI artwork of Vadim Temkin, in his alphabet of gay sex, where the letter shapes are formed by men’s bodies and body parts, many engaged in a variety of intense sexual acts

… though the alphabet began merely as a set of 26 images, it came to me as worked into another genre: these images on the faces of surprise cubes, a set of 8 cubes which arrived a few days ago as Vadim’s New Year’s 2020 gift.

(#5) … a photo … showing the use of the cubes to spell messages, in this case F U ARNOLD — but the images on the faces are so small that you really can’t appreciate the dicks in them

Phallusia. Not Fallujah, the city in the Iraqi province of Al Anbar, but Phallusia, the Land of Phalluses.

The suffix –ia forms place names (as in Virginia, named after Queen Elizabeth I, the “Virgin Queen”), but it also forms biological names, especially of plants (as in gardenia, named in honor of Scottish naturalist Alexander Garden), though also of animals, as in the name of the genus Phallusia — of tunicates of the family Ascidiaceae (ascidians, common name sea squirts).

Working down the taxonomic ladder: on tunicates (in the subphylum Tunicata), from Wikipedia:

About 3,000 species of tunicate [so called because of their “tunic”, their rubbery or hard outer coat] exist in the world’s oceans, living mostly in shallow water. The most numerous group is the ascidians

… Some are solitary animals leading a sessile existence attached to the seabed, but others are colonial and a few are pelagic. Some are supported by a stalk, but most are attached directly to a substrate, which may be a rock, shell, coral, seaweed, mangrove root, dock, piling, or ship’s hull. They are found in a range of solid or translucent colours and may resemble seeds, grapes, peaches, barrels, or bottles.

Or, indeed, phalluses.

Then from the Britannica site on the Ascidiaceae, aka sea squirts:

sea squirt, also called ascidian, any member of the invertebrate [family] Ascidiacea (subphylum Urochordata, also called Tunicata), marine animals with some primitive vertebrate features.
… Sea squirts have two large pores, one to guide water into the body cavity (the oral, or branchial, aperture), the other serving as an exit (the atrial, or cloacal, aperture). Water is propelled through the animal by pharyngeal cilia. Food and oxygen are taken from the water current as water passes through gill slits in the pharynx.

And then down to the ascidian genus Phallusia, with a number of species (Wikipedia lists 19), including Phallusia mammillata, the largest British sea squirt. From the Alchetron site (“free social encyclopedia for the world”):

(#6) [AZ:] Yes, it squirts (sea water, not semen). And yes, nipples: technical Lat. adj. mammillat-us ‘mammillated, having nipples, covered with rounded mounds or lumps’. Both the penis and the nipples are in the eye of the metaphor-wielding beholder.

Phallusia mammillata is a solitary species of ascidian and can grow to a height of about 20 cm (8 in). The tunic is a translucent, bluish-white colour and is covered with irregular rounded lobes or mounds.

Also note that it’s of roughly penis-length, up to 8 inches (at the high end, like a majorly endowed pornstar). Ain’t nature grand?

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