Tastes like glazed donut

(Gets right into gay men’s sexual  parts, fore and aft, and man-on-man sexual acts, using street language, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

… or like cherry, vanilla, peach, or pumpkin spice. These are the Tasty Hole flavored body scrubs, formulated to make your hole tasty for the guy who’ll be rimming you.

(Just for the record: I hate flavored condoms. And flavored lubes. And flavored douches, which is the territory we’re moving into here. Unless the flavor is something like Male Sex Sweat. As for cherry flavoring, I hate it in cough drops and syrups and all that stuff, so I’m certainly not going to get it up for licking cherry scrub out of my trick’s hole. Your tastes might differ, of course. But you should know ahead of time that I’m inclined to mock the basic idea of Tasty Hole products.)

From the same source as Leather Daddy Cologne, which I looked at in my 8/7/22 posting “Sniff my leather, Boy!”. Profusely advertised on Facebook, or at least my Facebook (who knows what other people see?). From this source:

LeatherDaddy Skin Co. was launched smack-dab in the middle of the 2020 Pandemic by me, Chris Wright-Garcia, in Albuquerque, NM, USA! As of now, I’m the only employee & make everything myself in small batches at my ABQ workshop to ensure maximum freshness & quality.

Scentmaster W-G clearly labors long and hard, to mix up batches of cologne, massage oil, body wash, face lotion, face wash, beard balm, beard oil, shampoo, bath salts — and, yes, that body scrub / hole scrub. From the site:

Tasty Hole. The world’s first flavored body scrub – [especially appreciated by rimmers] … [in] glazed donut hole [“tastes like a glazed donut”], cherry gobbler, hot vanilla latte, peach ring, pumpkin spice

(#1) Snack time at LeatherDaddy: glazed donuts, with a hole demonstrated; a jar of hole scrub, magenta underwear displaying the wearer’s penis

The flavors have been chosen (a) for their fashionability / seasonality — gobbler for Thanksgiving, pumpkin spice for fall and fashion, latte for fashion — (b) for their visual symbolism — donut and ring standing for the anus, peach standing for buttocks — and (c) for their double entendres — cherry ‘virginity’, as embodied in the relevant sexcavity (vagina for male penetrating female, anus / rectum for male penetrating male); gobbler ‘eater’ (alluding to fellatio and/or analingus ) as well as ‘turkey’; and hot ‘sexually aroused’ as well as ‘high in temperature’.

For the peach as sexual symbol, recall its emoji use, as in this Daily Jocks 10/11/22 ad for PURE for Men products:

Keep that 🍑 clean

and quite spectacularly in this actual peach on a tree (photo from Greg Parkinson, ultimate source not known):

(#2) Symbolic peach: firm buttocks and an anal cavity

One more bit of advertising, out in the real world, with a live model hawking a LeatherDaddy cum rag:

(#3) [ad copy, untouched by editing:] Not just a nickname. 😉  Ditch the gym sock and upgrade to the only CUM Rag you’ll ever need! Its black so you can see your handy work.  -100% cotton terry velour -Hemmed edges -Soft velour fabric

None of that cum just soaking into an off-white rag; with Daddy’s mop-up, you can see what you did, buddy. Smile with pride, my man.

There’s a lot to be said for cheery raunch. LeatherDaddy opts for cheesy crudeness every time, but it’s hard to be offended, because the stuff is so playfully, unthreateningly vulgar. Making rimming cute. (And earnest: plant-based! made with pride!)

(Oh yes: the hunter green hanky worn on the right signifies a boy looking for a daddy. Of course.)

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