Today’s garment faggotry

Yesterday’s posting — “Big Fag in a buzzcut” — had a photo both impromptu and soulful, plus that cheeky, rather unsettling slogan. Today’s photo is posed and more magisterial (though still amiable), and the slogan is the plain rainbow “Faggot”:

(#1) “I am Professor Faggot and I’m a hell of a lot queerer than you imagined, so put aside your contempt, listen up, and I’ll guide you through things” (photo by Kim Darnell)

Below the fold, some material that’s not appropriate for kids or the sexually modest.

Faggot and what it stands for. A big topic, which I now find too overwhelming to tackle properly here. Except to note that faggot has come to be used by some within the gay community as a term of opprobrium or outright contempt for “bad gay men”, men whose actions and behaviors would tend to embarrass the community. Notably, what I’ve come to call f-gays: effeminate / fem / femme men, variously characterized by critics as

flamboyant, flaming, faggy, faggot, fairy, campy, mincing, prissy, nelly, stereotypical, gay-acting, too gay

And a devaluing of men who prefer the receptive role in anal intercourse: guys who like to get fucked, in brief. (Once again the attitudes represent a flight from (perceived) femininity in any of its forms.) Though I tend to read as straight, I am very much RAI-oriented in desire and fantasy, so I have a dog in this fight, and am happy to flaunt my desires. From my 8/11/20 posting “Mansex positions: spitroasting”:

I use the metaphor of describing myself in those days as a pussy-ass faggot, but it’s a metaphor, not an identity, and the experience was [for me] neither feminizing nor submissive, quite the contrary.

So I work to normalize and celebrate (rather than condemn) ass-fucking in general — it’s just a way for men to have pleasurable sex — and getting fucked in particular, and of course sucking cock (that’s just everyday sex) and men who present themselves as fem, or who merely read as gay (cheers for them; they are the visible face of the gay male community, and they often take a lot of shit for that). As I noted in a posting a while back, I very much admire this t-shirt, and men who wear it:

(#2) Celebrating bottoming and promiscuous sex

I don’t wear this t-shirt, because it makes an offer I’m not prepared to follow up on; the sentiment is merely historical (I haven’t been fucked since some time in the last century) and aspirational (it’s a powerful fantasy, but one that’s not going to be realized in life). Along the same lines, I don’t wear the shirt in #3, though I admire its plain speaking:

(#3) T-shirt from Cafe Press (in light blue here, also available many other colors); Cafe Press also offers a shirt with the slogan: I ♥︎ SUCKING COCK

More buzzcut t-shirts to come…

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