Buzzcut portrait 3: the gay dinosaur

(Sexually edgy topics — what do you expect from gay dinosaurs? — so you might want to exercise caution.)

Yesterday it was a rainbow FAGGOT in block letters (in the posting “Today’s garment faggotry”); today it’s all visual: a rainbow tyrannosaurus, a poignant symbol of gay obsolescence:

(#1) Yesterday I was standing in front of a bookcase, at the helm of my indoor walker; today I’m in my work nest with my Window on the World (on my plants, birds, and squirrels) behind me, sitting in my outdoor walker, which doubles as a sturdy chair (photo by Kim Darnell)

Behind me is a crocheted FUCK square, a tribute to Jesse Sheidlower and The F Word; and a postcard tribute to the male art of Tom of Finland. Just above them, not visible here, is a copy of Jump, Paradise Cove, 1987, a Herb Ritts photograph of four men disporting themselves on the beach (see my 9/9/16 posting “Herb Ritts”). Otherwise, it’s reference works on one side, my work table (with visible mouse, on its rainbow-Z mousepad) on the other.

On the shirt, see sense 2 in this NOAD entry:

noun dinosaur: 1 a fossil reptile of the Mesozoic era, in many species reaching an enormous size. … 2 a person or thing that is outdated or has become obsolete because of failure to adapt to changing circumstances.


Gay dinosaurs have an odd press. There’s the work of Chuck Tingle, preposterous brief tales of men’s sexual submission to rapacious gay dinosaurs. There’s a small set of dinosaur jokes, the apex of which is this terrible pun, reproduced in hundreds of variants:

(#2) A gay greeting card from QueerWorld on Etsy, with cutesy dinosaurs illustrating the Big Mega-Sore-Ass (for Megasaurus) Joke

(For the record, a fair number of gay men don’t engage in anal intercourse, and of those who do, a sizable proportion are exclusively or primarily tops. And — I speak here as an enthusiastic bottom in a long-ago life of sex with men — if it hurts or makes you sore, your top is doing it wrong. I can’t recall ever getting a sore ass from sex, not even the first time; the guy who broke me in was fabulously good at it.)

But #2 comes from Joke World, not the real world, and in Joke World, gay sex is not only sick, icky, and contrary to God’s Word, but also painful (as it ought to, given that it’s sick, icky, and contrary to God’s Word). Yee haw, those stupid faggots, taking it up the ass, they deserve what they get!

Speaking of S, I, & C 2 G W, the other really popular gay dinosaur visual is, I hope, also a joke, a broad mockery of fundangelist spewing against faggots: satanism, violence, and sodomy! (Door #3 for me, please.) A mockery, rather than the actual vile thing:

(#3) Triple threat: saurianism, satanism, and sodomism

Coming soon: GAY AS FUCK (large type edition). And then, some Helvetiana, as Swiss National Day looms.

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