Buzzcut 4: books and epithets

The last in the series of pairings of my new buzzcut with impudent gay t-shirts new to my wardrobe (earlier: BIG FAG on a pink shirt, rainbow FAGGOT in block letters, and, yesterday, a rainbow tyrannosaurus):

(#1) Posed in front of part of the Zwicky GSU (Grammar, Style, & Usage) collection, now housed in my condo, where the piano used to be, and supported by my indoor walker (which sports new purple walker balls, not illustrated here)

The t-shirt is a new version — bigger, bolder, more intense — than my first GAY AS FUCK shirt, below, which has worn over time until the colors are muted and delicate and the fabric is pleasantly soft. I see fatal holes in its near future.

(#2) Catalogue photo, not of me. With an (entertaining) asterisking strategy for taboo avoidance, unlike the flat-out FUCK of #1

Books. In the great dispersal of my library that took place some years back, small pockets got saved (in somewhat random fashion), to live in my little condo — which is consequently jam-packed with books (and faggiana; I am who I am). Three collections of some size were preserved essentially whole: GSU; books of cartoons; and a considerable collection of books of male art (photography, drawings, and paintings). (These, too, will be dispersed, but after I die.)

Epithets. From my 12/27/17 posting “I will marry the crap out of you, Sean Spencer” (yes, it’s actually Shawn Spencer):

English expletives occur in many very specific idioms (a fuck-up, raise hell, shitgibbon, etc.), but they’re also central elements in a number of syntactic constructions. Coming up below: a brief inventory of some of these constructions.

in the Postmodifier section of the inventory:

7a. AF: Adj as expletive ‘really, extremely Adj’.  Comparative as fuck/ hell /shit.

And then in the Premodifier section:

3a. PreEx: premodifying expletives. A versatile use of the expletives (god)damn and fucking (and BrE bloody, and perhaps a few others), with a variety of heads.
PreEx can then extend, amplify, and exaggerate AF, yielding gay as goddamn fuck (only one attestation, but I’m cool with it) and a considerable number of examples of gay as fucking hell / shit. Found on Twitter:

wow twitter is gay as fucking hell

i mean this shit is gay as fucking hell

The Beegees are cool. Gay as fucking shit, but cool nontheless. [from a presumably straight poster]

(Note: None of the Bee Gees ever discussed his sexuality, but it’s assumed they were all straight. But the intensely sexy smoothness of their harmonies might have struck people as “gay-sounding”. Plus all that hair — but, hey, it was the 70s.)

GAY AS GODDAMN FUCK and GAY AS FUCKING HELL have not yet reached the t-shirt market, but I suppose you could have them made on special order. Maybe a tad too aggressive for me; GAY AS FUCK is impudent enough, I think.

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