Big Fag in a buzzcut

Two late July developments: the latest in a series of ever-shorter buzzcuts (with Kim Darnell wielding the clippers), finally reaching a minimal one that satisfies me thoroughly. Shorter than the crewcut that carried me through my late high school years, and requiring no styling. A bit shorter than the easy-care buzzcut my dad settled on in the last years of his life.

Huge hoary linguistics professor, wearied but smiling with pleasure — note the smile lines at the corners of the eyes — at his buzzcut and at the pink neon claim (both amiable and outrageous) to social space for his kind (photo by Kim Darnell)

From NOAD:

adj. hoary: 1 [a] grayish white: hoary cobwebs. [b] (of a person) having gray or white hair; aged: a hoary old fellow with a face of white stubble. …

(Hairy as well as hoary; note chest and forearms. And once whorish as well. But that was in a different time. Though I have considered getting a GAY SLUT t-shirt to honor the memory of that time.)

There will be more t-shirts. I’m in an outrageously amiable apparel phase.

This particular t-shirt goes a step beyond my friend Steven Levine’s plain white BIG FAG tee — a gift to him from some admiring Irish lads a few years back. Steven vigorously accumulates all manner of friends, often by wooing them with energetic song.


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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    What a delightful photo.

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