Jared unclothed

(Increasingly naked model, doing a cock tease sequence before full frontal nudity (not shown here, for WordPress modesty), but the beauty of his body, cock included, is admiringly discussed in plain language. So not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Yes, it’s ultimate July, 7/31. 🐅 🐅 🐅 three tigers to lead us out of the jungle of July. Tomorrow there will be the inaugural rabbits, but I fear August’s bunnies will all be demon creatures (cue Monty Python’s Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog).

From Bill Stewart on 7/29 (Bill feeds me naked men every so often; they’re a hobby we share), an issue of Eroticco magazine featuring the model Jared, as photographed by Roger N.

Each issue of the magazine is a photo shoot, with no text whatsoever beyond the identification of the name of the model and the name of the photographer — in this case, just a (presumably professional) first name in the case of the model (who I’ve not been able to identify further in searches, but then I have little search-fu), first name and initial for the photographer (similarly obscure for me).

The thing about this shoot is that while it is in some sense gay porn, it’s executed with a high level of craft, on the part of both photographer (who sets up the shots and then composes the final photos) and model (who acts in this dramatic sequence, projecting a persona and engaging his viewers). Some of it is funny. Meanwhile, the final cock reveal turns out not to be about Jared’s cock; the cock is just an element of a larger composition that equally features Jared’s face (with a welcoming half-smile) and his perfectly sculpted torso. His cock, large and half-hard, fits the rest of his body perfectly; but large half-hard cocks can’t be viewed as elements of fine art, so I can’t show you the cock here, have to fuzz it out.

Now, the cover of the Eroticco issue. Then 7 shots from the larger sequence in the magazine, showing the full progression in the magazine’s layout. With commentary from me along the way.

The cover.

(#1) A cropped version of Jared’s full frontal shot; Jared has a nice-looking masculine face, neither a rugged one nor a beautiful one; here he is gazing right at the viewer, with a facial expression providing a welcoming half-smile (projecting: this is a nice guy); and, of course, displaying his substantial hairy pecs and nicely developed, but human-scale, abs (also a notable Adam’s apple)

In my fruitless search for the identity of this model Jared, I discovered that there are an enormous number of hot male models with the first name Jared, many of them with faces of great masculine beauty. There probably are some in leathers, with tough-looking faces. This Jared’s face is conventionally nice, with an equally conventional hairstyle. And a modest, un-showy mustache. This is a solid nice guy, who could probably do underwear ads for the newspapers (though the underwear-ad models are mostly smooth-bodied).

The initial shot. First up:

(#2) A head shot in a white V-neck t-shirt that gives a peek at his hairy chest; a display of his very muscular, hairy forearms; that nice-looking masculine face; with a gaze right at the viewer, his facial expression suggesting engaged interest in the viewer

The white t-shirt has become a conventional sign of masculinity (and then a fashion item). This one is squeaky-clean, but wrinkled by his muscles. Utterly fresh and clean here and through the beginning of the cock tease sequence, but still it’s a t-shirt, and its major function is soaking up the sweat of exertion (which is powerfully arousing for many gay men). We never see any sweat, but the t-shirt still works as a sexual signal.

Four shots from the cock tease sequence. The shirt is used at first as a prop (to frame his chest), then abandoned for full torso shots, with jeans pulled down further and further in a cock tease sequence. All this is leading up to full frontal nudity (in b&w, then color), and finally some goofing off in Calvin Klein briefs. But first, the cock tease, throughout which Jared maintains a neutral facial expression, betraying no emotion (like a sex worker just doing his thing).

(#3) Fly opened, to show Jared’s pubes

(#4) Pulled down to show a hint of cock

(#5) Final display with the shirt

(#6) Bare torso, serious peek at the root of his cock; ready for the reveal

Full Frontal. Shown first in b&w, in line with the cock tease sequence. Then in life-like (not vivid) color. Now with the wonderful half-smile. Here it is, guys. And it is, in fact, a beautiful (cut) cock that suits the rest of his body. But, unlike, say, Michelangelo’s David‘s cock (which is realistically small and drawn up in repose), this is a sizable cock, and it’s half-hard (a canny presentation in gay porn, since a half-hard cock invites the suitably-disposed viewer to imagine using his sexual talents to bring that beauty to full erection).

But large, half-hard cocks don’t get the Fine Art Exemption for public presentation, no matter how artful the context of their depiction is, ’cause that’s porn, not art — so I have to fuzz out Jared’s attractive dick. The result is somewhat ridiculous, and edgy (it makes me want to clutch my junk in anxious protection), but here it is:

(#7) The pubic black hole of modesty

My own approach to the unmutilated photo is complex. I can view it as an image of a beautiful male beauty, as art. Or I can let the dogs of desire out and view it as porn that gets me hard. But it’s just a photograph; I choose my view of it, according to my concerns of the moment. Though, to tell the truth, I admire the photograph as a work of art so much that I have some trouble jacking off to it. (Since I jack off a lot, it’s been easy for me to test this out.) No doubt this would be disappointing to Jared and Patrick N., since they clearly intended to give Eroticco a beautifully crafted gay porn sequence.

Goofing off in the afterglow. But, but … Once we get to Jared and his dick, and the so-inclined viewer can shoot his load, the sequence shifts to goofing off with Jared’s crotch and its contents. Just one of these photos, showing Jared’s moose knuckle in his baby blue low-rise Calvins:

(#8) Also a cock tease: is Jared pulling his Calvins all the way off, so we can get back to the sausage inside?

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  1. Bill Stewart Says:

    If you click on Jared’s name it takes you to his Instagram. I won’t post it here. The short video at the bottom is fun. Now back to my Falcon Files.

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