Bad Dog Mackenzie

(Naked men, gay BDMS fetish porn discussed in street language, entirely unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest.)

In today’s e-mail, from the Falcon | Naked Sword Store (with hyphens inserted for clarity): summer cyber-Monday half-off hits on sale (1 day only):

(#1) Lance Hart and Micky Mackenzie in Fetish Force’s Bondage Garage (FFC034), showing puppy play: the pup Mackenzie is gobbling food from his bowl, under the rough hand of his master (Hart) (note the pet-play knee pads on Mackenzie; and of course the dog collar)

Mackenzie has been a deliberately bad dog, and, in other moments from Bondage Garage, Hart gives him the severe punishments he craves, as here:

(#2) The dog role is perfect for the pornstar Mackenzie, who specializes in masochist / slave / submissive roles

The summary of / p.r. rave for Bondage Garage from Fetish Force:

Bondage Garage: Four clean-cut guys expose their fetish for pervy, kinky play when they visit the Bondage Garage. Director Tom Moore puts these secret pigs through their paces with a marathon of intense BDSM scenes that push them to their extreme limit. Brian Bonds uses shrink wrap to immobilize his sub, Eli Lewis. After stretching Eli’s ass with the handle of an industrial pipe wrench, Brian oils up his cock and pounds Eli’s ass until the sub shoots his load. Brian suspends Eli with rope for an intense 69 cocksucking session, but then the tables turn, and Eli stimulates Brian’s ass with a vibrator until Brian covers his torso with cum. Mechanic’s apprentice Micky Mackenzie gets an intense training session from Lance Hart, lead mechanic of the Bondage Garage, enduring tickle torture, a fucking machine, submissive puppy play, and intense anal pounding. Cruise on down to the Bondage Garage to get your fix of extreme, down and dirty fetish play.

Puppy play. From my 10/7/13 posting “Puppy play”: on Wikipedia:

… Puppy play, or dog play, is where at least one of the participants acts out canine mannerisms and behaviors, it is sometimes associated with leather culture. The dominant role is taken by a “Handler”, “Trainer”, “Master”, or in the case of someone who still identifies as canine, an “alpha”. The submissive may be considered a “pup” or a “dog”. Unlike other forms of animal roleplay, it is not uncommon for two or more pups to play together as equals, fight for dominance, or play where one is clearly the “alpha”. Puppy play is often about being playful, mischievous, and instinctive. In relation to other BDSM play, a “puppy” who is “unowned” or “uncollared” can be referred to as a “stray”. Other elements rooted in BDSM play involve bondage and restriction with collars, leashes, cages, and hoods, the submissive’s hands are often covered in mitts, both sexual and non-sexual services are requested, and “training” may take place in order to teach commands. The submissive may be asked to bark, kiss/lick the dominant’s foot/shoe, and eat like a dog.

Eating like a dog is where we came in.

The 2010 TitanMen Kennel Master. I haven’t seen Bondage Garage, but I’ve seen Mackenzie being savagely whipped, restrained, and humiliated in other films. On the other hand, I have seen Kennel Master, which surely is the standard that gay puppy play scenes will be measured by. You have to accept the kinky world it’s located in, but if you can manage that, the video is really well done. The TitanMen summary:

Sit… stay… suck. Good boy! Big chew toys are just part of the fun in the latest Rough entry from co-directors Paul Wilde and TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff, who leads a horny cast ready to unleash its inner animal. Bondage, pissing, pup play, dildos and hot wax are just a few of the obedience exercises in store, so grab a bone and lap up this energetic fetish action — which gives new meaning to “man’s best friend”! Bound to a table, a smiling Tony Vega is at the mercy of manly Dirk Caber… who uses a variety of tools, including a pinwheel, shaving, and pouring hot wax to spark sinful sensations on his moaning captive. After pissing on the muscular chest of a hooded Tristan Phoenix to mark his territory, handsome Sami Damo disciplines his bud with a huge metal butt plug and a doggie-style fuck to remember. In an all-out puppy play scene complete with kennel, puppy butt plug, hood and mitts, an excited Steven Daigle drools over his reward for being a good dog — the massive bone of handler Tony Buff, who soon has his panting mutt begging for more.

Daigle gets his reward for being a good dog, Mackenzie gets his reward for being a bad dog. It all depends on what you want.

The actors: Micky Mackenzie. He’s a cute slim twink who specializes in masochist / slave / submissive roles in gay BDSM porn. The actor in a p.r photo from the Hot Gay List site:

(#3) Yes, he’s cute, and he really wants you to hurt him

And then fully engaged in his role, from the 30 Minutes of Torment site (with his cute dick fuzzed out for WordPress modesty):

(#4) Bound and being savagely whipped; he keeps asking for more

The actors: Lance Hart. Surprise! From the aebn site on LH:

(#5) Starting from white-bread straight guy, he’s gotten willing to try pretty much anything, including enthusiastic bottoming; here he is offering his ass for fucking

When Lance Hart started doing porn in 2009, he quickly moved from a solo debut scene to a full-on exploration of his versatility as a truly bisexual performer. His many performances for Kink have included submitting to stunning trans woman Jessy Dubai in Innocence Lost; letting Aiden Starr tease, edge, and finally drain his balls dry in Divine Bitches: Relentless Milking; and tying up Seamus O’Reilly for some fetish fun in Biker Stud Captures A Tripod Ginger. Don’t miss his MFM threeway scene in Bisexual Fantasies (Aiden Starr / Evil Angel) or his intense bottoming scene with Tommy Defendi in Iconmale’s Sinful Temptations. Lance’s vision of creating a platform for amateur performers to distribute their homemade porn came to fruition when he founded PervOUT. His own performances for this company include Meet Our New Lover and She-Devil Peg And Release. Getting into porn gave Lance the chance to expand his horizons from straight sex in his personal life to a playful exploration of sex with a diverse range of genders. This fun-loving, open-minded stud is one of the adult industry’s most in-demand men.

Mistreating a bad dog must have been, as they say, a walk in the park for him. The short samples I’ve seen are intense.

(In order to make stuff like this work, all the actors have to get thoroughly into their roles; if they lapse, the whole thing suddenly becomes both creepy and giggalicious.)


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