Further annals of remarkable commerce

(Sex toys, anal pleasure, and all that jazz. Too crude for kids and the sexually modest.)

An e-mail ad from the Fort Troff company today:

(#1) The whole package, with two parts.

There’s the pig snout part — pig as in gay sexpig — and there’s the leather scent part.

The pig snout (which is what the ad is mostly selling):

(#2) [ad copy for the Sniffr:] Delivers the max outta your favorite essential oil

Poppers. If you think the Sniffr is for enjoying scented oils through both nostrils at once, you’re out of touch with gay club culture. It’s really for sniffing poppers, without having to go through the ritual of one nostril, then the other. Crucial background here, from my 3/8/19 posting “Vasolidation”:

From Wikipedia:

Popper is a slang term given broadly to the chemical class called alkyl nitrites, that are inhaled for recreational drug purposes, typically for the “high” or “rush” that the drug can create. Poppers have also been historically used for sexual encounters, initially within the gay community.

(#3) A hit of poppers makes it all better

If you trace the bottle of amyl (a type of alkyl nitrite) through late 20th century history, you trace the legacies of gay culture on popular culture in the 20th century.

Poppers were part of club culture from the mid-1970s disco scene and returned to popularity in the 1980s and 1990s rave scene.

Popper use has a relaxation effect on involuntary smooth muscles, such as those in the throat and anus.

[That relaxation effect makes poppers a valuable adjunct to receptive oral and anal sex, especially when you’re dealing with a particularly thick or long cock. … Or, in the words of the popper parody (source unknown), “Just a quick sniff of poppers helps the penis slide right in … / In the most delightful way” …

Most widely sold products include the original amyl nitrite (isoamyl nitrite, isopentyl nitrite), but also variants such as isobutyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite (2-propyl nitrite, increasingly, after EU ban of the isobutyl form). In some countries, to evade anti-drug laws, poppers are labelled or packaged as room deodorizers, leather polish, or tape head cleaner. [Poppers have a powerful smell, sometimes derided as a reek.]

The photo in #3 is crucial; it shows the alternating-nostril ritual: In the ritual, Popper Boy uses a finger from one hand to completely close one nostril while inhaling the poppers from their bottle, held in his other hand (or, as in #3, a buddy’s hand; or his top’s hand); then switches sides.

The Sniffr lets you do both nostrils at once, zowie!, for one fuck of a rush.

A bit more on poppers in my 9/20/20 posting “Annals of remarkable commerce”, along with some information about the Fort Troff company and a note on one of their more remarkable products, BOOF CBD suppositories (“It’s like poppers for your ass”) — though I have to say that they offer some stunningly crude sex toys and aids to gay sex (yes, I get their mailings, for educational purposes, of course):

Back in a previous life, I was an enthusiast of anal pleasure, both with sex toys (though of quite modest size) and getting fucked (by cocks of many sorts), and I appreciate the importance of relaxing and opening your asshole if these practices are to be genuinely pleasurable. There are techniques for doing this, but they require some practice. (Or poppers, which famously relax the relevant muscles — but for various reasons poppers weren’t safe for me to use.) The idea that a CBD suppository in your asshole would do the trick, however, is intriguing but also ridiculous.

The oil. From Fort Troff:

(#4) [ad copy for Leather Scent:] ALL NATURAL Essential Oil. Delivers the erotic scent of LEATHER. 

The scent of leather is attractive to most people, seriously erotic for many people (of various sexualities), and intimately linked to raw animal maleness for some (and culturally associated with BDSM practices, horses, much more). So it’s worked into tons of body fragrances and other scenting products (you can buy leather-scent spray for automobiles, for example).

Nevertheless, recreational leather-scent sniffing isn’t a practice familiar to me; I think you should assume that the leather oil is just a screen for poppers. (Though just now I was moved to wonder whether any competitive bodybuilders oil their bodies with leather oil. And to wonder whether anyone markets oils scented with musk, for that lockerroom, aka AMZ sex-sweat, smell; that would be a kick.)

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    An exchange of comments on Facebook, following up on my wondering what a scented oil for gay men would be like (with a scent other than leather)

    Tim Evanson: I would think it would be crotch, armpit, or butt scented

    AZ > TE: Crotch/armpit is the sex-sweat smell. Butt scent, I think, has been insufficiently celebrated: not just the musty scent of a well-washed butt, but also the more pungent scents of raw natural butts. (Has anyone tried to capture those? Most of us have a learned disgust reaction to those scents, but they can be appreciated, savored, and eroticized.)

    TE > AZ: I guess anyone already using the Pig Snout Sniffr may already have done that eroticizing. What’s the old saw? “If you can conceive of it, there’s a porn for it.” So there must be a market for that unwashed derriere scent.

    AZ > TE: Oh, there’s unquestionably a market for it. But has anyone tried to meet the demand?

    AZ: Now I wonder about flavorings too. Butts are one of the places — durians and raw onions are famous examples — where smell and taste (with smell suppressed) are wildly divergent.

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