Commercial Christmas 2021: DJ’s third quarter

(Well, men’s homo-underwear ads, featuring what are intended to be alluring male bodies, and skirting the line of outrageous lewdness. Clearly not to everyone’s taste.)

Following up on yesterday’s Twelfth Night posting (“Three days of commercial Christmas”), about the Daily Jocks treatment of the second quarter of the 12 days of commercial Christmas — Days 4 (12/16, calling birds), 5 (12/17, golden rings), and 6 (12/18, geese) — for Epiphany itself today, the DJ treatment of the third quarter: Days 7 (12/19, swans), with fetishwear; 8 (12/20, maids), with traditional jockstraps; and 9 (12/21, ladies), with — hiss, boo — a mystery jock offer, nothing to see here.

Nothing says Christmas like harnesses and old-school jockstraps.

In any case: a quick tour of DJ’s Days 7 and 8, then a survey of Epiphany on this blog.

Day 7: S&M grease-monkeys in love. And in fashionable harnesses, jockstraps, and socks. Photo and copy from the 12/19 ad:



Welcome to The DailyJocks Backroom, from harnesses to wrestling suits, check out some of the most intimate products from your favourite brands including DJX, Nasty Pig & many more.

We’ve seen the rough top in this couple before — in my 3/1/21 posting “Fired up for the grand finale”, in an ad for the DJX Circuit collection:

(#2) The image is of Golden Boy (from an earlier posting) — hyper-masculine, with a hairy, sweaty, oiled, gold-toasted body — here with a hand jammed in his jockstrap, and posed against a golden car

So much for the swans of Day 7. (For what it’s worth, swans pair for life — coupling up even before they’re sexually mature — and are notoriously aggressive.)

Day 8: les jolies filles en suspensoirs. Or, as we say, in our brusque English way, maids in jocks. They are, of course, pretty, because they’re fabled in song.

They’re beautiful boys — so in contrast to the brutes of Day 7 they’re pretty girls. Masculinity is complicated, even in the varsity locker room. Or maybe especially in the varsity locker room. In any case, the DJ ad for the day, photo and copy (exactly as in the original):



The Quarterback collection is a fun take on the classic Old-School Jock style.

Made of thick and sturdy stretch elastic for the perfect fit. Pick your team colour and get ready to work hard and sweat. You won’t want to miss this game.

The Varsity Quarterback wear that’s on sale at DJ comes in red and blue (it also comes in black): jockstrap, brief, shorts, trunk, harness.

The model’s pouch in #3 is lovingly but subtly presented, so as to merely suggest the attractions of the dick within. But as a face guy, I find headless models kind of creepy — I know, I know, for many guys it’s all about the dick — so I searched me up some full-body Varsity Quarterback jock shots. Here’s a front view in red, a rear view in blue:

(#4a,b) The standard lean muscular body of an underwear model, nice pouch, nice ass — plus a super-butch buzzcut, a square jaw that nature gave him, and an intense Cruise of Death facial expression: not a pretty boy at all, not a maid but a master

Epiphany: the postings. 2014 to 2020.

— in my 1/9/14 posting “A recent birthday”, about Nicholas Yakovlevich Marr (born on Epiphany, 1/6,  in 1865), a (European) Georgia-born historian and linguist, scholar of the Caucasus during the 1910s, before he proclaimed that all the languages of the world descended from a single proto-language and became (temporarily) a favorite of Stalin

— in my 1/7/17 posting “The epiphany’s over”, with this cartoon:

(#5) Breakfast at Epiphany’s, a cartoon playing on Breakfast at Tiffany’s, using the noun epiphany ‘a moment of sudden revelation or insight’

— in my 1/7/18 posting “Epiphany morning with Joey Tribbiani”:

Since my middle name is Melchior, I was hoping for gold on Epiphany morning, but what I got was a primo sex dream — my attempts at programming sex dreams never work, they always turn into convoluted dreams about linguistic analyses, so yesterday’s dream was a great gift — featuring Joey Tribbiani as a fabulously slutty (also sweet and goofy) gay pornstar. Not Matt LeBlanc, but his character Joey Tribbiani. So I woke with a hunky funny Joey on my, um, mind.

Dream details followed.

— in my 1/5/19 posting “Three Kings from 1900”, about the Magi and their gifts; and graphic artist J.C. Leyendecker

— in my 1/6/20 posting “Yo Day 1:  King/Saint Melchior”, about the Three Kings (especially Saint Melchior) who came to Bethlehem with their gifts, saying (I translate freely), “Yo, baby Jesus! We got some stuff for you!”

Epiphany: the art work. Four representations of the Magi from earlier postings of mine, with understandably Melchior-oriented comments:

(#6) The Adoration of the Three Kings by Girolamo da Santacroce (painted ca. 1525-1530): Melchior presenting gold to the infant Jesus

(#7) J.C. Leyendecker’s remarkable Saturday Evening Post cover for Christmas 1900 (with Melchior in the middle), owing much to Art Nouveau style, and with the artist’s characteristic attention to the physical masculinity of his models

(#8) Melchior, on the left, and his crew (from Henry Siddons Mowbray, The Magi, ca. 1915)

(#9) Ray Troll fish art: the three piscine Magi on camels (from my 12/26/19 posting “The first two days of Christmas”)

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