Two pleasantries for 9/10

My Mary, Queen of Scots Not Dead Yet posting for 9/10, lying uneasily between the silliness of Negation Day on 9/9 (nein nein) and the wrenching anniversary of the horrors of 9/11/2001, and serving as something to show you after the postings I’d been laboring on expanded unmanageably in their scope and after my two-fingered typing hand, already seriously disabled, became barely functional because the middle finger is swollen, inflamed, and effing painful. (Today’s good news is that I got in two hours of Sacred Harp singing via Zoom with the Palo Alto singers — an activity that asks very little of that middle finger.) So, two pleasantries that have came to me on-line:

— in a Pinterest mailing today, an unidentified painting I pegged as surely an attractive Yannis Tsarouchis work (see my 8/12/23 posting “Yannis Tsarouchis”) — indeed, it turned out to be the artist’s Sailor at a table from 1950

— in a Facebook posting by Chris Ambidge on 9/7, from the Green Midget cafe in Bromley, a board offering the items from the Monty Python “Spam” sketch (set in that fictional eatery), which I noted was one of the great pieces of cumulative humor

The Tsarouchis painting.

(#1) An unusually busy Tsarouchis, with three patches of blue, a painting of sailboats, an architectural column, and a complex plant — plus the usual Greek serviceman and his glass at a cafe table (with his face and his crotch as the two foci of the work)

The Green Midget board.

(#2) The day’s offerings, building up from the simple addition of Spam to a plain egg dish, to a torrent of Spam … topped by the elegant Lobster Thermidor (with, oh yes, Spam) — a masterpiece of cumulative humor (“Spam, Spam, wonderful Spam”)


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