Yannis Tsarouchis

(There will be male nudes, in some pieces of fine art that are also homoerotic. If that makes you uneasy, you should skip this posting.)

Who came to me this morning in a Pinterest posting of an item from a Tumblr site — a reproduction of a painting that immediately struck me as (subtly) homoerotic:

(#1) Tumblr1: a soldier at a café

That led me to further reproductions on Tumblr, and to the Wikipedia page on the artist, Yannis Tsarouchis.

Two more Tumblrs:

(#2) Tumblr2: a crotch display, perhaps for the man he’s gazing at

(#3) Tumblr3: A pensive craggy-faced sailor, at a café

The initial summary from his Wikipedia page:

Yannis Tsarouchis (Greek: Γιάννης Τσαρούχης; 13 January 1910 – 20 July 1989) was a Greek modernist painter and set designer who achieved international fame, and was “known in particular for his homoerotic subjects,” including soldiers, sailors, and nude males

There is now a foundation devoted to Tsarouchis’s works. Two items from The Foundation Collection:

(#4) Yes! A winged man, in fact a butterfly; also a male nude

(#5) Note Tsarouchis’s report; it wasn’t the penis per se that was problematic, but the suggestion that Greek soldiers would find penises to be objects of desire and arousal

An amazing amount of the Foundation Collection (obviously a labor of love) — perhaps even all of it — is easily available on-line.


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