We are all gay bookpeople now

… and we have cats. So it is in this postcard I got yesterday from a gay bookperson friend (who has a cat) in celebration of Pride Month: très gai legal librarian Ryan Tamares (now ably serving Stanford from Hackensack NJ):

(#1) Library Cat in purple (from red shelves through purple) by TaylorRoss1 at redbubble.com

The design is available in a variety of forms; this is the portrait postcard version, but there’s also a landscape postcard, a t-shirt, stickers, and who knows what else.

Not content to stick to cats (which have a very wide audience), TaylorRoss1 has ventured into rainbow quirkiness with chameleons:

(#2) Library Chameleon (again in a portrait postcard), now changing color with each different shelf

And then further into quirkiness, with purple ninjas — like the cats, and still, despite the death-dealing weaponry (not pictured),  somehow cute:

(#3) Library Ninja, an avid reader (again in a portrait postcard)

Ryan’s original has gone on display on the wall of the study in my condo, at home among the books (and the big Tom of Finland Santa Claus).

San Francisco’s Pride Parade is on Sunday, June 25th. An especially important year for us to be visible and be noisy.


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