Back from the hospital

… after 7 days in Stanford Hospital, now recuperating at home, minus my gall bladder. I am terribly tired, so this will be the brief summary; various details, some entertaining, with some things of linguistic interest thrown in, will have to wait.

When last I posted, in the early morning of Friday, June 16th, I felt fine, buoyant even. Then I was seized with extravagant pain, which I attributed to a bleeding ulcer, and called for help, because I was clearly in a bad way. (You truly do not want the details.)

Turns out I did have a bleeding ulcer. Also a kidney stone. Also a gigantic, marble-sized (literally: 1.9 cm) gallstone. Also a UTI caused by the gallstone. (Plus all the pre-existing complicating features of my medical life.) All were treated successfully, but it became clear that gallstones would be a recurrent feature of my life, so the real solution was surgery to remove the gall bladder.

My spirits are good, and I have an assortment of caregivers attending to me. More stories there. But now I really have to rest.


4 Responses to “Back from the hospital”

  1. Lise Menn Says:

    OY! take care of yourself!
    Hugs, Lise

  2. Margaret Winters Says:

    Heal well and quickly, Arnold — best wishes from Geoff and me.

  3. Steve Carter Says:

    Glad things seem to be addressed and you are recuperating. I’m healing along with you after foot surgery (and cataract surgery).

  4. Robert Coren Says:

    Like you needed another cluster of medical issues. I’m glad they all got resolved, andhope you heal well and quickly.

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