A reply to Martin on ambiguity

This paper from 40 years ago:

A.M. Zwicky & J.M. Sadock. 1984. A reply to Martin on ambiguity. Journal of Semantics 3: 249-256. DOI: 10.1093/Jos/

As I wrote yesterday (in my posting “In search of a paper of mine”), my own copy of this paper was inadvertently destroyed a few years ago, and I now wanted to add it to my extensive collection of my writings available through this blog. Specifically, my writings on the distinction between ambiguity and underspecification, a recurrent topic in my work in linguistics.

Several readers were able to more or less instantly extract pdf files of the text from their university libraries; Steve Anderson, using the Yale library, got in first; his is the one I reproduce below. I had hoped to use the Stanford library this way, but I’m an adjunct, not a real faculty member, here, and I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

(No doubt there are tricks to do this; please do not write to tell me how. I’m just barely getting from day to day, so I’m going to take any easy way out, which in this case was appealing to my colleagues. Who responded splendidly. I should add that quite a few of my readers offered to get hold of physical copies one way or another, scan them in for me, and then e-mail me the files, — very sweet offers, but clearly hugely more onerous than downloading a file.)

The text, below. I will add a link to this posting in my “publications (in .pdf files)” Page on this blog.


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