In search of a paper of mine

I’m trying to get a copy of

A.M. Zwicky & J.M. Sadock. 1984. A reply to Martin on ambiguity. Journal of Semantics 3: 249-256. DOI: 10.1093/Jos/

that I can not only read, but also also save on this blog so that it continues to be available to me and to my readers (as most of my other publications are).

I once had a file drawer with one copy of every one of my publications. When the Great Destruction of (almost all of) my enormous scholarly library and (almost all of) my massive collection of paper files took place, the contents of this drawer were supposed to have been scanned and saved as electronic files, but these instructions were inadvertently disregarded, and it was all trashed.

Now on the reply to Martin: I’ve been unable to find any easy way to extract a copy from Oxford UP (the publishers of Journal of Semantics), or to get a copy through the Stanford Library on-line; and I’m housebound. So I thought to search for help among the readers of this blog and my friends and acquaintances on Facebook (where I post links to my blog postings). Someone might even already have an electronic copy or a hard copy they could scan.

(For responses: I am arnold dot zwicky at-sign gmail dot com)


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  1. Steve Anderson Says:

    I got a copy through the Yale Library. I have sent it to you in email.

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