Happy P Day, Mr. President

(men’s bodies and sex between men, illustrated just a bit shy of a X-rating and described in vivid detail in street language — tons of F for P day —  so entirely unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest)

It’s Presidents / President’s / Presidents’ Day — P Day, for short — in my country, and suppliers of gay porn flicks have mounted P Day sales of their wares. Their ads sometimes display an image from such a flick, ornamented with patriotic symbols (American flags, stars, plenty of red, white, and blue); the image itself usually has nothing whatsoever to do with P Day, but is an illustration of the deeply satisfying fantasy sex a man-desiring man can get off to by watching one of the flicks on sale. Often the sale ads are just gigantic displays of the covers of the merchandise, so you can search for what might work for you by scanning the titles and cover photos.

Two images from this year’s crop of P Day sale ads. One, from the Falcon company, shows an image of Flying Cowboy, an image in which a grateful citizen thanks his President by serving as the receptive partner in this acrobatic approach to anal intercourse. (The emotional landscape of the actual act is very different from this: the President is working hard to provide pleasure for his constituent.)

The other image is just one of the many covers in the Gay Empire ad for its P Day sale — a cover for a costume flick about pedication among the Norsemen.

This is the end of the careful talk in this posting. Below the horizontal line, and then the fold, is where the wild things have sex.

The Falcon ad. As it came to me, but with a testicle fuzzed out in case it would have offended WordPress; it’s not actually relevant to the image, which is plenty fuckin’ hot as is:

Happy P Day, Mr. President

(#1) Usually presented as Daddy fucking Boy, Bear / Stud fucking Twink, or Dom fucking Sub, Flying Cowboy requires a big strong hard-working fucker (the insertive partner) and a smaller, reasonably agile fuckhole (the receptive partner); the fuckhole here is clearly younger than his fucker, but he’s no wispy kid, so the fucker has a serious task in balancing the hole on his dick

Yes, Flying Cowboy provides pleasure for both men, thanks to deep penetration, easy motion of the hole (in mid-air) on the fucker’s dick, and an angle of penetration that’s good for both men (happy ass-fucking is all about getting that angle right).

But once the hole is mounted on the fucker’s dick, with his legs around his fucker’s waist, he’s supported in mid-air by his fucker’s hands on his legs and by his own arms around his fucker’s neck, and from there on out, it’s really all about the pleasure he gets from getting fucked; the fucker is the vehicle for that pleasure, and needs strength and balance to provide that pleasure. It’s sweaty, fuckin’-hard work.

(Good porn actors have learned how to hide the hard work and present only the pleasurable fantasy of fucking / getting fucked in mid-air.)

And then, “Happy P Day, Mr. President”. The allusion is to one of the memorable events of 1962. From Wikipedia:

“Happy Birthday, Mr. President” is a song sung by actress and singer Marilyn Monroe on May 19, 1962, for President John F. Kennedy at a gala held at Madison Square Garden for his 45th birthday, 10 days before the actual date (May 29). The event was co-hosted by Arthur B. Krim and Anna M. Rosenberg, who sat next to the President during the star-studded event.

Monroe sang the traditional “Happy Birthday to You” lyrics in a sultry, intimate voice, with “Mr. President” inserted as Kennedy’s name. She continued the song with a snippet from the classic song, “Thanks for the Memory”, for which she had written new lyrics specifically aimed at Kennedy.

You can watch the “Happy Birthday” moment in this YouTube video.

From the Gay Empire ad, the cover of Norse Fuckers.

By the fucking of the Norsemen free us


Description from the makers:

In the Northern land, where warriors raid rival villages and celebrate by pounding their comrades’ holes in the inn of an evening, all seems idyllic, but peril is nearer than they think. Dracock the Dragon approaches, and the only god who might fight against him, Thor, the god of thunder, hasn’t been seen in many winters, while Loki, the trickster god of chaos, plans to gorge on the destruction. The brave Norsemen will do whatever it takes to get the gods on their side and save their homeland and get some godly cock as well! Featuring: Tyler Berg, Craig Marks, Papi Kocic, Dean Young, Sir Peter, Felix Fox and Malik Delgaty. Studio: Men. [released 2022]

It comes in 5 parts. The p.r. image and description for Part 3:


(Models Dean Young, Papi Kocic). King of the Norsemen Papi Kocic thinks it’s just another day, feasting with his fiercest warriors, servant twink Dean Young sitting on his lap and refilling his goblet… until spy Sir Peter delivers terrible news: Dracock the Dragon is approaching, and the god Loki will do nothing but feed on the chaos and destruction. The god himself appears, and the king begs him to find Thor, god of thunder, to save them, as under the table Dean helps himself to a taste of the royal cock. When Loki leaves on his quest, Papi rims the twink and spanks his ass before pounding the bottom doggystyle. Dean worships the king’s muscles, sucking his chest and licking his armpit and abs, then rides the monarch before muscular Papi picks him up for a stand and carry. Dean cums as Papi fucks him on the table before bending over and taking the top’s hot load on his hole.

And then, “By the fucking of the Norsemen free us”.  The allusion is to “From the fury of the Northmen release us”.  From my 11/2/12 posting “Sark”:

as Wikipedia tells us:

The Old Frankish Nortmann “Northman” was Latinized as Normanni, famously in the prayer A furore normannorum libera nos domine (“From the fury of the Northmen release us, O Lord!”), attributed to monks of the English monasteries plundered by Viking raids in the 8th and 9th centuries, and entered Old French as Normands, whence the name of the Normans and of Normandy, which was settled by Norsemen in the 10th century.

The fury of the Northmen. I recall this prayer as being in an edition of the (Anglican) Book of Common Prayer that I used at some point in my earlier life (though I remember it as warning of the fury of the Norsemen) and being enchanted by the idea of praying to ward off Viking invaders. It’s no longer in the BCP I have.

From the evidence of the trailer for the whole thing, a fair number of the 7 hunky actors in the flick have versions of the Gay Voice, which pleases me. Not that I think they should all have it (because that would be authentically gay, or some shit like that), but because that’s a fine way to be, nothing to be suppressed. (In this particular flick, the information that might be provided by the GV is way overdetermined, since all the male characters are presented as queer as fuck, so they could talk any way that suited them.)

It also appears from the trailer that the actors do a pretty good job of managing roles in a costume film (a challenge that many actors in mainstream films have managed poorly), in fact a costume film in which plot, script, and scene-setting have to be constantly jiggled to allow for all that licking, rimming, cocksucking, fucking, and cum-shooting that is the flick’s reason for being. I was impressed enough to arrange for a viewing of the whole film. Stay tuned for a report.

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