More on the social lives of Ruff Dudes

(all about men’s bodies and sex between men, in street language, so entirely not for kids and the sexually modest)

The social lives of Ruff Dudes, including fashion choices and sexual practices. Specifically, on Fuck Me socks and fuck machines. In the fulfillment of a promissory note from my 10/21/22 posting “Neon jocks”.

From that posting:

a teasing peek into the odd world of what I think of as Ruff Guys [I have since come to prefer the more demotic label Ruff Dudes], hypersexual hypermacho anally hyperreceptive man-oriented men (with, oh yes, a fetish for sex machinery).  In some paradoxical liminal world between actual leathermen and fantastical bdsm creatures. Just a peek. At Ruff Guy jockstraps: MVP Jocks [in neon and saturated colors] in a Fort Troff e-ad of 9/12

…  this is Man Country, buddy.

A land in which Real Men play rough and take it heroically up the ass (pounded hard by truly gigantic cocks, or their even larger simulacra, including — I am not making this up — hulking metal fuck-machinery), while seeking jocks that will keep their balls cool and comfortable and also make them look really hot and fuckable. All of this managed without uttering the words gay or queer (not to mention fag, fairy, homo, pansy, fruit, nelly, nancy, or any of the rest) or displaying homo colors. It’s a complex presentation of self.

To come, eventually: the Fuck Me socks (which are made of a quick-dry fabric that keeps your feet cool and prevents them from getting stinky — honey, nobody wants to fuck a guy with stinky feet) and the fuck machines, omigod the fuck machines.

This is that eventual day, Fort Troff Fuck Me day.

The socks. From a Fort Troff e-offer of 9/12/22, image (with genitals fuzzed out for WordPress modesty) and text (reproduced here verbatim):

(#1) Socks proclaiming Ruff Dude’s desire; his legs spread and up; his feet braced against the bathroom walls; jack-off porn to move things along for him; and a dildo to fuck himself with. Fire when ready!

Fuck Me socks: Are you DTF [Down To Fuck]? Strut your stuff and show you’re ruff n ready. Our newest Grunt Fuck Me Socks are the hottest in the streets. Reading “Fuck Me” with our exclusive Fort Troff artwork you’re advertising how hungry your hole is and your DTF. And when you really wanna represent, roll the top down to reveal Fort Troff.

Forget stinky socks after an intense workout or fuck session. These socks are made from a Quik-Dry material so your feet stay cool while you look HOT. Made with premium materials our Fuck Me Socks are plush so you can wear them ALL DAMN DAY.

($15, cotton/polyester, in yellow / orange / red / blue / black)

The equipment. The Fort Troff company’s catalog includes a SLINGS+ category:, offering: slings, fuck machines, benches, rim chairs, cross (i.e. crosses). Among its offerings is the Diamond X2 fuck machine. Sing along with me now (apologies to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground):


Again, image and text, pretty much as they come from the company:


Diamond X2 fuck machine: The X2 is a power pumpin’ hole stretchin’ beast. Our sleekest Fuck Machine design YET. This compact auto fucker delivers 3-INCH  THRUST. Ramp it up from gentle glide to Power FUCK. Our industry-leading TORQUE powers through the most nervous and stubborn holes. Have a fuckathon with the 190x per minute stroke.

It comes with a FAT base to stay put while you throw it back. This ground-breaking base delivers an UNLIMITED range of angles, from doggy to straight up power squat. With a wide footprint for stability and suction cup feet, it’ll stick to any smooth ‘n seamless surface. Best part about it – NO top needed for PRIMO fuck action.

X2 is also the best hand-held fuck tool on the pig planet. Just unscrew it from the base and you’ve got a handheld boy toy pulverizer. The 2 silicone-coated handles are textured for a better grip AND offer an ergo[nomic] adjustment. Tops can pound hole at exactly the right angle and with confidence.

X2 is compatible with ALL FT Real Deal and Cyborg Dongs (not included).

[$490; there is a Diamond X4, $590, that combines a fuck machine with a rim chair]

Eek. I’m reporting on the Ruff Dude mindset and worldview, not recommending it.

Meanwhile, I discover that the rim chair, or more commonly, rimseat, somehow hasn’t appeared on this blog before (though slings and crosses have). For the record, and possibly for a future posting: a rimseat is a toilet seat with attached stool legs; one person lies under the seat to get easy access to give the person on the seat a rimjob — or, in scat play, to eat (that person’s shit).

(rimjob we’ve seen on this blog before, along with handjob and blowjob)

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